Monday, September 28, 2015

Grab the best Coffee (and Cappuccino Freddo) in Athens at Εν Αθηνάς (En Athinas)

If you've read my post on our horrible experience when we arrived in Athens, which you can read here, you'll understand how ecstatic we were the next day when we actually saw stores in town open. We were walking around looking for a place to have some brunch when we stumbled on Εν Αθηνάς (En Athinas), on Athen's main street their display of freshly-baked pies caught my attention, not to mention the heavenly smell of coffee.

Spinach and Feta Pie (if I am not mistaken)
Ham and Cheese Pie (again, if I am not mistaken)
and Feta Pie (again, if I am not mistaken)
Everything was really good anyway, but not all pies are baked on the premises.

When we were there, we met the owner Christos, and he let us smell the coffee beans from the grinder.
It smelled so good, if I close my eyes, I can imagine that's
what heaven smells like. Hahaha.
Thanks Bri for being our fund manager!
En Athinas has a table right on the main street, where you get a nice view
of the small church across the street, and you can just watch people,
which is one of my favorite hobbies when I'm on vacation.
Another bonus is that it's just a few doors down from one of my
favorite leather sandals stores where you can score a nice pair for 10Euros
vs. the 25-35Euros in the more touristy area.
They will ask you how sweet you like your Cappuccino Freddo. Lightly sweet
is perfect for me. Goes really well with the Spinach and Feta Pie too. 
Christos even gave us a big bottle of water as a gift the
first day we visited. We were loyal customers after that.
It's always nice to meet and make new friends.

So when we were looking for somewhere to have a light snack on our second day, it was a no brainer that we went back to the place where they serve the best coffee in Athens.
Cappuccino Freddo with Sausage Rolls this time.
Christos was so nice, he not only helped us look for a place where we could
print our e-visas for Turkey, he gave us more gifts too! Good thing we also
had some dried mangoes from the Philippines to reciprocate.

Now, don't think I'm biased about this being the best coffee in Athens just because he gave us gifts and I made a new friend.
I also tried the Cappuccino Freddo at this coffee shop
right in Monastiraki Square and it really didn't taste
as good, even if they also had the logo of the same
Hausbrandt Coffee. It was really more watery.
In fairness to them, their cheese bread sticks were really good though.
The sell it by the kilo. Yummy!
Just order Fresh Orange Juice to go with it instead.

I want to go back to Athens... if only so I could hoard more coffee (and Pink Salt) to bring home. just saying.

Εν Αθηνάς (En Athinas)
Look for them on Athinas Street
Athens, Greece

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