Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Best Souvlaki for €2 right on the Hydra Waterfront

I've always been a Rick Steves fan. Mainly from the influence of my Auntie Celita, who is the original travel guru, who has been travelling for work and pleasure combined way before it was fashionable, and way before the internet has made everything so much easier.

I remember, she planned our first family trip to Europe 15 years ago and our family road trip around France 5 years after that, by doing research the hard way - reading books, Rick Steves' being one of them. I remember her saying that some of the places she chose for us to stay around France were good value recommendations from is book.

When we were in Hydra, my where to eat bible was basically the list of restaurants my Greek friend gave me. However, I stumbled on Rick Steves' book when I was looking for Baklava in particular, and in his article, he mentioned a Hole in the Wall Souvlaki place which sounded like something I really wanted to try.
Rick Steves' Athens and the Peloponnese Book

I'm not sure if we managed to find the Hole in the Wall Souvlaki he was referring to, but we did find something that's definitely worth raving about.

There is no Souvlaki place on Miaouli, but when we asked they pointed us to
the next street, on the other side of Hotel Sofia. (pictured here).
Hello, €2.5 Souvlaki Meal sign!
Unfortunately, the place is only open for lunch, then they
close in between, and is open again for dinner at 7pm,
but they close very later, catering to the after-party crowd.
When I came back at 7:00pm (before our dinner at 8:00pm),
yes, I have a one-track-mind that way, I met Christina,
the owner and chef.
She made me a Cappuccino Freddo which I drank while
I waited for her to make my Pork Souvlaki.
She even made me a traditional "Greek" sweet called
the "Submarine" while I was waiting. It's basically
sugar combined with Mastika from Chios which makes
it a nice chewy spoonful of concentrated sugar rush.
Every legit blogger is willing to try anything once!
It's pretty good too! I finished the whole spoon...
but I didn't attempt to drink the liquid, which is also done.
My yummy Pork Souvlaki, which is such a steal for €2!
Sorry, I ate it before I actually got a picture of the Pork Souvlaki part,
but believe me when I say that the Pork chunks were tasty, and tender too.
Maybe part of the secret is the Hellmann's Mayo! Proudly made by Unilever!
Photo with the Chef before I left with my Souvlaki

Unfortunately, Jane and Bri didn't get to try the yummy Souvlaki because they don't open for the breakfast crowd. This is just about when they go to sleep. But we found out that they have waterfront seating when we went back later that night so we had coffee instead.
No wonder those pink chairs looked familiar!
They're the only place on the waterfront with pink chairs!
Cheers to our last night in Hydra!

Many thanks Christina for the yummy Souvlaki and the dessert! Glad to have met you. I'm not really sure if this is the same place Rick Steves was raving about, if it isn't, he should go back to Hydra so he can.

You can actually have your souvlaki, and eat it (with a view) too!  just saying.

Hole in the Wall Souvlaki Place in Hydra
also known as Nostimomania (Νοστιμομανία)

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