Friday, September 4, 2015

Mak's Noodle from Hong Kong (now in Singapore)

When I lived in Singapore, one of the places I didn't get to visit was Hong Kong. Mainly, because I told myself, why go to Hong Kong from Singapore when it's so much closer from Manila. Hahaha. So it's really great when famous Hong Kong restaurants open in Singapore. 

Last time we were in Singapore, Anson took us to Mak's Noodle, a famous wonton noodle place in Hong Kong that just newly opened in Singapore's Centrepoint Shopping Mall on Orchard Road. 

I'm glad he took us, because I've never tried it in Hong Kong too, though it's been named by CNN as the Best Wonton Noodle Place in HongKong in 2011.

We arrived for a late dinner, so it was easy to get a table because they were
almost closing. If you arrive at a peak hour, be ready to queue.
The story of Mak's Noodle.
Anson told me they're famous for the wonton soup with dry noodles,
so that's what I ordered. (SG$6.80) The wonton was sad. There were only 4.
The noodles consistency was good, but you shouldn't toss all the oyster sauce
in, because it gets too salty. I also need more meat to go with my meal.
I really wanted Beef Brisket Wonton Noodles, so I ordered the Beef Brisket
on the side instead. (SG$14.70)
Caveat, the place is truly authentic Hong Kong... in fact, when our Beef Brisket was served, the "Auntie's" finger was in the sauce. Hahaha. That's why it's extra tasty. Now, if this restaurant has an A-rating, there's something seriously wrong with the cleanliness and hygiene rating system.

Karl wanted to eat light, so he just ordered Wonton Soup,
not expecting it to be THIS light. Hahaha. SG$6.90.
Thus resulting in the legendary Karl's arms crossed when he's unhappy.
Anson also ordered the noodles with shrimp roe so we could try it. (SG$8.30)
Again, don't toss all the sauce in. It has good subtle flavor.
But you really need to order more meat to go with it.
Thanks for another great discovery Anson! Great catching up, as always!
Photo Credit: Anson's New Canon Camera G7X (I think!)

So there you have it. Good simple Hong Kong food, at quite affordable Singapore prices. Note to self, must remember where to get my wonton noodle fix if I ever live in Singapore again. just saying.

Mak's Noodle 
176 Orchard Road 
Centrepoint #01-63/64 
Singapore 238843
Tel: 6235 5778
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily

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