Friday, September 18, 2015

Sensei Sushi Bar

I don't really get to go to the South Area much, mainly because it's so far, and I don't have a driver on weekends, so unless there's a special reason to go, we are not able to explore the restaurants that our South friends are raving about.

A few weeks back though we had to go to Paranaque to visit Tita Dingky, an Aunt who was visiting from the States who was staying with an Uncle who lived in that area. So we went to visit and then we went out for dinner nearby.

My uncle recommended Sensei Sushi Bar, the hole in the wall restaurant owned by Chef Bruce Ricketts, who has been rumored to have worked a Nobu in New York. Now, I'm not really sure how accurate that is, since I couldn't find it anywhere on his bio online, so take it with a grain of salt. Hahaha.
Sensei Sushi is a very small place, in fact, we were
lucky, because a group just left when we arrived so
we were able to get a table immediately.
They have a simple laminated back to back menu, but they also have
a black board with their Specials.
I was starving, while the family was still chatting, chatting and chatting.
I kept looking at what they were serving the table beside us and I wanted
to order the same. Hahaha. So I ordered a lot of starters to share.

They were so yummy...
I think we ordered a Cali Roll with Prawn Popcorn (Php235)
And if I were to guess I think this was Tuna and Crispy Scallop Dynamite
My favorite was the Tuna Tartare on KangKong Chips (Php165).
My sister says they serve something similar in Nobu, further adding
credibility to the Nobu Sous-Chef rumors. Hahaha,
Ady and I ordered a Beef Gyudon which was okay,
but I think very expensive for it's price. (Php520)
My aunt ordered the salmon, and I think the serving was quite small, (Php350)
Sof and Mama ordered Ebi Tempura, which were huge,
but only because they fry it with the head. (Php380)
Seriously, why do they do that?
Ma ordered the Japanese Fried Rice too and liked it. 

My dad ordered the steak and he said it was very good, though the serving was again on the small side. (Sorry, he was too far for me to take a photo before he ate it all up)
We ordered dessert to share. They took so long to plate it, which I don't get
because it came out looking like crap. Hahaha.
The chocolate ganache part was good though and Sof liked the bananas.
But it was such a messy plate I don't have any idea what we ordered.

So I think as long as you stick to rolls and steak, this is definitely worth visiting again (if you're in the area). I think they can definitely give Akira Back, the number two restaurant in Jakarta, which you can read about here, a run for their money, and it's a much cheaper hole in the wall too. just saying.

Sensei Sushi Bar
268 Aguirre Avenue, 
B.F. Homes, Parañaque City

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