Monday, February 15, 2016

How to make Turkish Coffee and How to Drink it Too

If you don't know how to drink Turkish Coffee, you'll think it's an acquired taste, quite simply because it sort of looks and tastes like mud. Hahaha. Seriously.

So what's different about it?
Well for one, when you order, you need to say if you want sugar with it or not, because they make it with the sugar included.
Our first time to have coffee, mine tasted good... because I forgot to mix it.

I got stranded on the Asia side of Istanbul when I was sightseeing because of the rain, so I got the chance to watch them make my coffee, and I enjoyed it too while waiting for the rain to stop.
That's the rain, and not just a super blurry photo.

How to make Turkish Coffee:
Put in the grounds. If you want sugar, put it in as well.
Pour hot water.
Cook over coals, or at home, I'm sure over the stove will do.
Photo time while you wait. No need to do this at home.
Check to see if the coffee is ready.
Then serve in an espresso sized cup.
The most important part about enjoying your coffee
is to make sure that the grounds settle in the bottom
before you start drinking it. Hahaha. 

So that's how to make you Turkish Coffee and drink it too, pleasantly. Leave the mud to settle in the bottom of your cup. Take note, they make it easy for you by not giving you a teaspoon. just saying. 

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