Friday, February 12, 2016

The cheapest place to buy Instax Film online through Past Lanes

Sof and I share an Instax Camera, which I got as a giveaway from work. It's a lot of fun if you like taking pictures, but since it's similar to Polaroid (but made by Fuji) the film is quite expensive. Surprisingly, the cheapest film I have found so far, even cheaper than Japan where the camera is from, is from Past Lanes, and online re-seller in Singapore.

I remember buying from them online before when my camera was new, but I forgot that it was quite a hassle. If I remember correctly, I couldn't pay by normal credit card on their website, so it was a good thing I have a Singapore bank account which you need to pay by bank transfer.

They also have a "shop" where you can come to pick up your order, so when we were in Singapore looking for something to do, I decided to go to Past Lanes and buy us more stock of film. Let me just say, it was quite an experience.

They have very detailed instructions on their online site how to get there. What they don't tell you is that their place is in an industrial area, and it seems like the building is a warehouse or something.

They are on the 6th floor, and when you get out of the lift, this is what you see.
Then you turn left into this corridor because there is
nowhere else to go. It was quite creepy.
Then I saw this door, with 2 customers inside, so I
wasn't lost after all. However, they have a sign that says
"Cash is not accepted here" huwaaat???
They have a screen with their website so you can browse if you forgot
what you came to buy.
But they also have a lot of stuff on display, just in case you see something you like.

It's not just limited to Instax Film, they have a wide range of Instax accessories as well.

It was quite easy to ask for what I wanted over the counter. You just need to pay through bank transfer, as if you were buying online and you just came to pick it up. The person there explained that they don't really have a license to sell, due to the zoning of the building (or something like that), so the place is their official pick-up point.

Sometimes the things I get into, just to find a good deal really just makes me shake my head. Hahaha. But at least I bought enough to make it worth my while. If you ask me will I go back again? Maybe if I need to hoard more film and I'm in the area I will, but if I just need a box or 2 I probably won't. 

You can also pay through PayPal if don't have a Singapore bank account, or just ask a friend in Singapore to pay for the bill for you. It's not really that hard. I've done it twice, it's not just as easy as charging your credit card. just saying. 

Past Lanes

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