Friday, February 26, 2016

Spize on River Valley Road, so posh now, but still so good

Before we lived in Singapore, we used to visit Tim for weekends. We would leave Manila after work on a Friday, and arrive in Singapore around midnight, very hungry. Hahaha.

Singapore restaurants are not known to stay open late, so we already had our favorite late night Go To Places, and one of them is Spize on River Valley Road.

It used to be just tables by the roadside, and we go to them for their Chicken and Cheese Murtabak (filled Roti) with curry sauce, which was the best I've ever had. When we lived in Singapore, we were lucky enough to stay 15 minutes away on foot, so Spize was a go to place to bring our guests, especially when we were looking for a midnight snack.

When Alvy and Andy visited us in Singapore in 2011.

I was quite surprised to see Spize recently, when our cab passed by from our hotel on the way to Orchard Road. While a lot of places in Singapore have closed shop due to high rent, Spize has not only expanded, it has upgraded too, into a real restaurant.

Air conditioned, with an open kitchen too!

They still have road side tables, if you miss the ambiance of the good old days, but reservations are recommended unless you don't mind the wait.

Last year, there was a time when I was really craving for my favorite Spize dishes, so when Sof and Yaya were with me, we made reservations for dinner.
Sof and I yaya selfies
Our favorite Spize dishes.

Food Photographs by Sofia
Sofia and Ninang Ady's Favorite Drink
Milo Dinosaur (SG$3.90)
Sofia's usual order: Fish and Chips (SG$13.90)
Chicken and Cheese Murtabak (SG$12.50)
This is what we come here for, and recently I realized, leftovers travel well.
Next time, I can even bring this home.
Bullet Pepper Steak (SG$21.90)
My favorite Main Course "Side" to the Murtabak to share.

I didn't get to order my other favorite dish, Egg Tofu and Fresh Mushrooms on a hot plate, when I was with Sof and Yaya because they don't eat tofu. So I was glad when Sam and I ate here again last week.

Egg Tofu and Fresh Mushrooms (SG$13.50)
Craving Satisfied! Hooray!
Now officially our Go-To-Dinner Place... that is open after the shops close.

Congratulations Spize on your successful expansion. Cheers to many more meals at your restaurant! just saying.

Spize at River Valley
409 River Valley Rd, 
Singapore 248307

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