Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Markobar Martabak, owned by the son of the Indonesian President no less

Martabak is one of my favorite Indonesian snacks, I know, I know... I have a lot of favorites, but I swear, they are really good.

The traditional Martabak comes in sweet or savoury variants. Martabak Manis, or sweet Martabak, is like a thick pancake, with generous filling, then folded in half to look like a pancake sandwich. There is also a thin version of this, which is like a crispy crepe, but I forgot to take photos.

The Savoury Martabak, normally has egg and meat and is deep fried to a crisp.

When we visited Solo, the hometown of Indonesia's current President Jokowi, one of the places we check out was the Martabak place owned by his son. 
The Markobar is famous for their 8 flavors in 1 Martabak, with a soon
to launch 16 flavors in 1.
I was quite surprised to see that this popular place, owned by such a famous
person, was a very humble roadside stall, which was very busy too.
The secret to a really yummy Martabak is the generosity with the butter!

They even taught our colleagues to make Martabak.

Step 1: Pour the batter into the pan.
Step 2: Wait for the sides to crisp and the bubbles to start coming out.
So the left pan is almost ready, but the right pan needs more time.
Step 3: Sprinkle some sugar, and just wait for it to
cook a bit more.
Step 4: Once the batter is cooked, use a spatula to remove
from the pan.
Step 5: Fill with toppings as desired, and remember,
use loads of butter.
For the traditional martabak, they just fill it with the
desired flavor, then they cut it in half, butter it some more
before it's cut in pieces to serve. (Refer to photo above)
Markobar's style is to cut it in 8, like a pizza, and topped
per slice, with the flavors you want.
You can't forget the condensed milk of course. Even the
traditional Martabak has condensed milk on everything.
Voila! Keju (Cheese) and Nutella Keju/Ovamaltine Keju!
Great Job, Arnaud!

Markobar's Martabak is a great novelty, but I think I still prefer the traditional Martabak version - especially Holland Martabak, a chain specializing in higher-end Martabak flavors using real butter! I forgot to take photos but if you find them, you must order Red Velvet Martabak with cream cheese filling and crushed oreos, and Toblerone Keju Martabak! My favorites. just saying.

Markobar Martabak

Holland Martabak

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