Sunday, November 6, 2016

Popin Cookin Review by Sofia

This post is more than one year in the making... Mainly because there are times when I'm quite busy and in this case also because we're hoarders.

We first discovered Poppin Cookin by Krazie when one of my friends gave Sofia a sushi kit to make. Poppin Cookin is another Kawaii Japanese innovation that is a complete DIY mix, where you just need to follow the instructions to make fully edible miniature food, just as it's pictured in the box. 

They are fairly easy to make, the only catch is that all the instructions are in Japanese. There are loads of tutorials on YouTube though, so it;s not really an issue in this day and age.

We must say that the sushi set is the cutest one, and it tastes good too.

It's normally just mix with water, mold and shape, but some sets require microwaving.

Some have really cool innovations where you drop a mixture in some liquid and you fish them out as little balls, like the Ikura or Salmon Roe Sushi.

The sushi set even comes with this cola tasting soy sauce looking dipping sauce.

We loved it so much, we hoarded the different kits we saw when we were in Japan because it's Kracie expensive in Manila, pun intended.

The takoyaki set is a bit cheaper, because it just comes in a pillow pack. It's a;so a lot of fun and the finished product is kawaii but microwaving is required and the finished product smells and tastes weird. Hahaha.

Bento Box 

Burger and Fries with Drink Meal

It took us more than a year to make all the sets... when we finally finished, it was past it,s best before date already. Sof and I had a Dessert by Sofia vs Donuts by Mom challenge.

Donuts by Mom
Dessert by Sofia

We both think we won. Hahaha. Anyway, if you're interested, buy the Poppin Cookin from Japan. It's much cheaper. If you ony want to try it out, stick to the sushi and takoyaki.  just saying.

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