Sunday, November 6, 2016

Surprisingly good Chinese Food Finds in Yangon

While I am no longer surprised at the wealth of good restaurants in Yangon, it was still a bit of a surprise for me to discover that they had really good Chinese Restaurants. Seriously.

Due to typhoon flight delays, I had to go straight to facilitating a workshop when I landed, so I was dead on my feet at dinner time (plus the 1.5 hour time difference) but when our friends brought us to Golden Crab I immediately woke up. We even had to beg for a table since the restaurant was full on a Monday night and we had no reservations.

Golden Crab Yangon
It's a good thing the restaurant found a way, because we ordered all of this...
for just 5 of us. Seriously! Hahahaha. MSG love.

I'm not really a crab eater but I guess the highlights were the crab with egg floss and the salt and pepper version because we had both (and the waiter even upsized our order to medium). Hahaha.

We also ordered the egg floss dish with prawns.

I'm not really a seafood person, so I was panicking for a bit until they told me the crispy duck was really good.
and it was
We also ordered Pork (normally eaten with mantou bread) and it was also
so good. It came with so much melt in your mouth fat.
The one they had in the Krisflyer Gold Lounge does not even compare.
The surprise highlight of dinner was the Salted Fish Fried Rice.
Kanin palang ulam na! It was so yummy we needed a second order.
Thank you so much for this memorable Welcome to Yangon (again) dinner
Rec, Angge and Jo! Can we eat here again the next time I come back?
Bamboo Clams for the win! As yummy as what they serve in Singapore,
and I am betting at a fraction of the SG$10 per bamboo clam cost! 
I wasn't really planning on eating the fried mantou, but I couldn't resist
it's freshly fried goodness, so I ate more that the bite that I planned.

Xi Yang Yang Xiao Long Bao

My friends were telling us about the Xiao Long Bao place they go to that for them has the "Best Xiao Long Bao... in the world". It wasn't really in our plan to go there, but since we were very curious, we decided to have a second dinner on our last night to try it out.

Just like Din Tai Fung, they have instructions on the wall,
on how to eat Xiao Long Bao.
They have different flavors, but I think the Pork XLB
is the best. Though we didn't try the Pork Crab Roe
which also came highly recommended.
What I love best, is the fact that there utensils are all sanitized and shrink
wrapped. Gone are the days when everyone wipes their utensils before eating.

Pork Xiao Long Bao for the win!!! 

Thank you Rec for feeding us twice! This meal was worth it.
Though I'm not really a fan of their custard buns. 

I used to think that if you wanted to eat really good Chinese Food, you should go to Hong Kong, Singapore or London (seriously!). Now you can go to Yangon too! just saying.

Golden Crab Yangon
Pyay Rd, 
Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Xi Yang Yang Xiao Long Bao
Nyaung Tone St, 
Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

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