Friday, November 18, 2016

Vatos Urban Tacos for Mexican with a Korean Twist in Singapore

The food scene has become very International... no matter where you are, especially when one of the hottest new restaurants in Singapore is a Mexican Place of Korean Origins no less! It's fame is helped by the fact that CNN declared Vatos as the "hottest new restaurant in Seoul"  when it opened.

Their Singapore branch is in the newly opened South Beach Quarter on Beach Road, in the Marina Bay area.

Tim and I enjoyed the food, the only catch being we didn't exactly enjoy the same dishes.
I absolutely loved the Kimchi Carnitas Fries (save for the onions - which I
kept picking out) which Tim hated.
It was so yummy with Ginger Ale! Well, it was so yummy period.
They were very generous with the carnitas too so it was quite meaty.
We ordered some sort of quesadilla (we opted for this instead of a soft taco).
It seemed fried and too doughy for me, but Tim loved it.
He even ate the dough that I discarded! Hahaha.
We ordered the Tequila Wings with fried jalapeno,
which finally we both enjoyed. Especially with the chili
sauce that came with the free tortilla starter.
Matter of Pride Time. Pero mejo obvious who needs
to finish what when we don't like the same things!
Thanks for making time for me Tim!!! Even if dinner was super rushed
because we were both running home to work.
Seriously. We both need to get a life!
The ambiance in the place in nice and hip.
I just don't get why there are faucets decorating the tables.

I want to come back here again. Next time I will order the tacos. I guess there's a reason why the place is named Vatos Urban TACOS. I can't believe we missed that. We must have been too overworked. just saying.

Vatos Urban Tacos
36 Beach Rd, 
Singapore 189677
 +65 6385 6010
Open 12nn-11pm

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