Friday, October 24, 2014

Best Chicken Rice Stall in Bangkok

While Chicken Rice is one of Sofia's favorite dishes, I don't really associate it with Bangkok food. It has a permanent slot on Sofia's Singapore to eat list, but since our last trip to Hong Kong - where we enjoyed a good Hainanese Chicken Rice meal with Jacob, we now know the Thai's also have their own version.

Koon Thai Hai Nam Chicken has several branches in HK
Sof enjoying the Chicken Rice dinner with Ninong Jacob

When I was doing my research on the top places to eat in Pratunam, a place that came highly recommended was Kaiton Chicken Rice Stall. In fact, it's been referred to in several articles as the Best Chicken Rice place in Bangkok.

Kaiton is located at the corner of Soi 30 Petchburi Road
It has no sign in English. Just look for the place with a lot of people lining up,
and you'll also see that the servers are all wearing pink.
If you're familiar with the Pratunam Area, Soi 30 is the alley across the
newly renovated Palladium World shopping mall, and it's a little after
the big intersection if you're walking from the direction of Platinum Mall.
Refer to the yellow arrow on the map.
Kaiton is very busy, especially if you come during meal hours.
You line up to get seated, and sharing a table with others is common practice.
They also have a take out stall you can order from,
if you prefer to eat at the hotel.
They have outsourced the drinks, so you need to pay immediately upon
order delivery, but they will order it and serve it to your table.
You just help yourself to clean utensils placed in the middle of the table.
Na-OC lang si Sofia because it seemed like all the forks had crooked tines.

You can tell that they serve a really high volume of Chicken Rice orders because food preparation is already like a factory assembly line.
Chicken Station
Cucumber Station: Can you imagine how much chicken
they serve if they need this much cucumber?
We each ordered a plate of Chicken Rice for around 40 Baht.
They served this with soup but we didn't want any.
As soon as we saw that the serving of Chicken was small
(similar portion size to Singapore hawkers) we ordered more Chicken to share.
I think an extra order is around 100-200 Baht depending on what you order.
It's not exactly the same as Singapore Chicken Rice, but it's also very good,
especially if you eat it with the sweet spicy sauce it's served with.
Sofia enjoyed the food, so I'm sure it now has a place in
Sofia's Bangkok To East list.

The added attraction of this place is right beside it is the best Mangoes and Sticky Rice stall that I've ever tried which is either on the alley (Petchburi Soi 30) during the day, or across the take out counter on the main road at night.
More on a separate post, but trust me! It's the best!

Can't wait to go to Bangkok again. We're already on the look out for cheap flights. Hahaha. just saying.

Kaiton Chicken Rice 
Soi Petchaburi 30
New Petchaburi Road 
Makkasan, Ratchawithi 
Bangkok, Thailand
5:30 am – 3:30 pm & 5:00 pm – 3:00 am
Phone: 0-2252-6325

ไก่ตอนประตูนำ้ (โกอ่าง)
ปากซอยเพชรบุรี 30  ประตูน้ำ ถ.เพชรบุรี มักกะสัน ราชเทวี กทม.
เปิด 5.30 – 15.30 น. และ 17.00 – 3.00 น.
โทร. 0-2252-6325

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