Saturday, October 25, 2014

Da Gabriele's Porchetta and Parmigiana

Thanks to unlimited data plans and social media, we're always connected, and we're able to know and let the world know about our newest foodie finds! Thanks to my friend @jekboy's IG feed, I learned about Da Gabriele, this seemingly simple makeshift food stall currently at Robinson's Galleria's ground floor activity area. He had me with his caption that the "parmigiana blew his mind" and he was right!

Da Gabriele is this simple table located in the middle of the Robinsons
Galleria Food Court. I would have missed it if I wasn't really looking for it.
Look at this Porchetta!!! It's automatic for the servers to offer you a taste
as you try and figure out what this stall is serving.
They sell Porchetta Paninis with Mozzarella Cheese for only P100. A steal
if you ask me. They make their own bread, but the serving is on the small side.
When who I assume to be owner saw me taking pictures, he even fixed the
display to be more picture-worthy. 
If the game is paint me a picture - this picture would scream EAT ME!!!
They also serve arancini (risotto) balls with seafood or meat for Php50.
I wanted to come back and try this but I got distracted, so I need to
come back before tomorrow. 

Since I was just grabbing a quick lunch in between store visits, I went with the dishes my friend recommended.
The yummy Porchetta Sandwich. If this is all your having,
my advice is to make sure you order more than one.
The Eggplant Parmagiana really does blow the mind.
At Php120, the serving is generous, with tasty eggplant thinly layered with
with meat and mozarella cheese.

I was so happy with their food I asked if they have a restaurant, and they said they are opening one in Tiendesitas soon! Yay, something to look forward to since that's even closer to me... but before then, I will try to convince my siblings to have lunch in Galleria tomorrow so I can have another Porchetta and Parmigiana fix. just saying.

Da Gabriele has a stall at the Robinsons Galleria Activity Center until tomorrow.

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