Saturday, October 11, 2014

Once Upon A Time Restaurant in the heart of Pratunam

I haven't been to Bangkok in the last few years, in fact, I don't think I've been since I started blogging, hahaha, so it actually came as a surprise to me, that we really didn't have a default set of Must Eat in Restaurants for Bangkok. Since our flight was delayed, I spent the time waiting surfing the net on places recommended near the Pratunam Area.

One of the places I read about was Once Upon a Time in Soi 17. I was quite excited to try it because it was described to be a restaurant which used to be an old house that serves Local Thai dishes, and it happens to be just a street away from where our Centre Point Pratunam, which you can read about here, was located in Soi 15.

For reference, the blue arrow points to our hotel, the green arrow points to
Once Upon A Time and the shaded blue area is Pratunam Market.

The alley of Once Upon a Time is easy enough to locate because it's across the street from Pantip Plaza on Petchburi Road. 
I wasn't sure we would find it in the dark so we passed by when we walked
home from Pratunam Market so we could scout it out.
They have indoor and outdoor seating.
Good thing we looked for it during the day because it looks very different,
and I'm not sure we would walk far enough to find it at night.
The old house.
It's also some kind of museum or Gallery.
This is what the outdoor tables look at night.

I'm glad we were given a table inside because I'm not really fond of getting bitten by mosquitoes. If you're familiar with the original branch of Cafe Juanita in Kapitolyo, it sort of has the same look and feel.
It seems like everyone preferred to sit outside because there was only
one other group seated with us inside. 
I loved their table setting.
The service was excellent, there was always someone
filling our glasses, and the food was really good.
We ordered Chicken wrapped in Pandan Leaves for Sofia.
Tom Kha Gai, which is my favorite Coconut Based
Chicken Soup, for me.
I love the soup presentation, but the metal spoon does get hot. Hahaha.
We're still not over our salted egg sauce craving, so we ordered the squid
with salted egg. Not quite what we expected but the squid was very tender.
We also tried their Green Pork Curry which was a bit to mild, but still better
than getting food that's too spicy since language is a barrier.

We discovered the second floor gallery when Sofia needed to use the toilet. They preserved the second floor bedrooms into what I am assuming is what they looked like before.
Everyone can just walk up the stairs to the second floor.
The rooms are open to the public, they just have a small
sign asking people not to touch anything.
The second bedroom is more of the same.
Mirror selfie in the second room. A bit creepy.
I'm half expecting someone to show up beside us.
At the end of the hall is the bathroom where
the toilet is for customers' use.
There are a lot of old pictures around the house, but the one it the toilet
is a bit on the outrageous side.
Even the bill is served with ambiance. Surprisingly, our excellent meal
was reasonably priced because our Total Bill was less than 1,200 Baht!
We really enjoyed our dinner at Once Upon a Time. It's now going to make it on our Must Eat List in Bangkok, especially when we're staying in the Pratunam Area. just saying.

Once Upon A Time
You can visit their website here.

Soi 17, Phetchaburi Rd, 
Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
+66 2 252 8629

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