Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cool Christmas Gift Idea: Crocheted Sushi, Sandwiches and Dolls all Handmade with Love

My sister has the most creative friend. Since I follow her on Instagram, I've seen the various crocheted food items she's been posting that are super duper cute, I've asked her to make Sofia some!
Being the nice Auntie Carol that she is, she sent my daughter a sushi set,
she had one serving of Ebi, Tamago and Salmon Sushi with a side of pickled
radish and wasabi. 

It's really perfect for playing pretend restaurant or as part of our pretend kitchen at home.
Sof loves her IKEA kitchen, we even brought it home from Singapore.
Super level up for her to serve real pretend sushi over "adobong dog"
and her paper pastries from Daiso that have long since disintegrated.

Sofia loved it so much, I've been bugging Carol to accept orders and send me her details so I could blog about this super wonderful product... and she did, just in time for the Christmas Season.

These are the pictures that have wowed me from the Instagram of @caroline_cua though her official business IG is @rpscreationsph for Rock Paper Scissors Creations:

Japanese Nigiri Sushi Php750
Slices of tuna, salmon, tamago, and tako (octopus) on Japanese Rice with
pickled radish and wasabi
It reminds me of the handmade Kimono Sushi from Nishiki Market in Kyoto
But much much more affordable, since I haven't been willing to buy
these adorable babies for Sofia's kitchen. It's that expensive!
BLT with Cheese Sandwich Php 850
Bacon, lettuce, tomato slices and cheese with whole wheat bread. 
Cheese Plate Php 750
Gouda, Camembert & Edam Cheese with crackers. Bring your own wine.
Siomai Php350
Traditional pork and shrimp Siomai with a side of Kalamansi
The siomai reminds me of the dimsum I made Sofia 3 years ago when
she was sick, but I was only able to do it because everything came in a kit.
Hot Choco and Dessert Set Php650
Mini two-tiered cake, flan and hot cocoa topped with marshmallows

Carol also has a My Little Heroes series
Choose between the Ninja (black) or Medieval Knight (blue)
Each doll is roughly 3.5 inches in height. 

For orders or inquiries, contact Rock Paper Scissors at
Email: rpscreationsph@gmail.com
IG: rpscreationsph
FB: www.facebook.com/rpscreationsph
You can also download their catalog which includes the product dimensions here.

I suggest you contact them now to get ahead of the Christmas rush and ensure you have one of a kind beautiful gifts for the special little ones on your Christmas list. just saying. 

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