Monday, October 20, 2014

Sofia's 7th Birthday Dinner at Kimpura with free US Prime New York Steak Bonus

Sofia celebrated her 7th birthday a week ago.
She had a Hotel Transylvania-themed 700th Birthday Party Celebration
in McDonald's with family and friends in the afternoon of her birthday.

Since her 700th birthday party was already a major production (yes, blog post to follow - lazy mom is procrastinating since there are soooo many pictures to sort through!), we decided to do something easy for dinner, and whenever you ask Sofia what she wants to eat - the answer most often is Tempura!

I decided to just make reservations for us for Kimpura in Greenhills. It's a good thing I called, because I sort of had to beg and plead for them to give me a teppanyaki table.

Because we just came from Sofia's party at McDonald's it seems like I was the only one hungry. Hahaha.
I ordered three US Rib-eye steaks to share with some other stuff
to be cooked on the teppanyaki grill. You can disregard Timmy
who's on this weird roar-photobombing-phase!
Of course we had to order loads of Tempura for the birthday girl.

The service was really good, because immediately after I ordered, the waiter already approached me to ask if I have a BPI Credit Card because they have an on-going promotion where you get a FREE US Prime New York Cut Steak if your bill reaches Php5,500 (though this is not valid with any other discount like the Senior Citizen discount). The waiter even tallied our bill and he confirmed that we ordered more than that, and he even allowed us to cancel some dishes, since we won't be able to finish what we ordered with an additional free steak.
The family with Jem and Ivan while waiting for our food to be prepared.
Timmy photo-bombing the chef.
The fried rice was so good. Really buttery and heavily seasoned!
All the extra tempura went to the birthday celebrant, and of course,
fat Ninong was teasing her by trying to get some of it.
The steak was also sooooo good! Hahaha. 
Kimpura never fails!
You can even think of the steak as healthier... since all the fat is removed,
so it can be used to cook the veggies!!! Hahaha.
Sorry, no picture of the unhealthy veggies - it went straight to the tummy!

Kimpura also gives the birthday celebrant a free Coffee Jelly dessert.
Birthday girl ready to eat her Coffee Jelly with
Ice Cream and tempura flakes.
Three Generations
The magic candle was such a hit! I hope Sofia used it to make many wishes.
No gathering is complete without lolo
taking a selfie, he's been doing that even before
selfies got it's name. Hahaha.

Happy Happy Birthday dearest Sofia!!! Glad you enjoyed your tempura and coffee jelly dessert as much as mommy enjoyed the Fried Rice and Steak. just saying.

Thank you BPI and Kimpura for the Free US Prime New York Cut Steak. You can still avail of the BPI - Kimpura promo until November 10, 2014. Visit the BPI website here for the details.

Unimart Building 
Greenhills Shopping Center 
Ortigas Ave., San Juan 
Metro Manila. 
721-8816 • 721-8869

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