Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sun Star Wholesale Market - Sofia's Favorite Bangkok Store

This post is co-authored by Sofia San Agustin, 7 year old guest blogger.
Sofia's part is italicized (narration from Sofia, typing and spelling by mom).

My favorite store is so cool.
This store is in Thailand.
They have so much stuff for kids like these pencil cases.
And they have so much paper and pencils.
Mom: Sofia was so sleepy, she had such a hard time deciding what to buy.
If you buy three pieces of the same thing (different designs allowed) or you get one pack you
can get a discount
(Wholesale Price).
They have so much stuff in the store that you can buy so that the kids
can do a lot of things with it when they get home.
They have so much cute pencils with erasers.
I like them all but I can't buy them all!
Mom: I wasn't allowed to say how many Sofia bought,
because the readers might ask her for some!!! Hahaha.
And I was so happy I already played with them all
when we got back to the hotel.
The end of the story of Sofia's favorite store - Sun Star Wholesale Market. Sofia's just saying.

Note: Sun Star Wholesale Market is located at the 5th floor of Platinum Fashion Mall, just one level below the food court.