Saturday, October 25, 2014

Best Mango and Sticky Rice Stall in Pratunam

If you're anything like Sofia, whose main purpose in visiting Bangkok is to eat Mango and Sticky rice, here's where you can find the best Mango and Sticky Rice stall in Pratunam!

The Mango and Sticky Rice vendor is located beside our favorite Chicken Rice place (which you can read about here) on Petchburi Soi 30.
If you're familiar with the Pratunam Area, it's right across from the newly
renovated Palladium World shopping mall, and it's a little after the big
intersection if you're coming from Platinum Mall. Refer to yellow arrow.
The best thing about this vendor is the sticky rice is really soft and fluffy!
In fact, I bought some to bring home to Manila, and it was still soft the next day.
The mangoes are really sweet, and they are close to double the size of my fist!
Sof and Ninang Ady waiting for our order to be prepared.
At night, the Mango and Sticky Rice Stall is across the Chicken Rice
take out counter. During the day, you can find it on the alley.
The small order (60 Baht) is half a Mango Cheek, but the serving is quite
For take-out to bring home to Manila, I suggest ordering the large one (100 Baht) because they give you the whole mango in a separate container, then they put the sticky rice, small bag of coconut milk sauce, and the pinipig (similar to rice crispies) in separate container. It would be best if you bring your own food keeper because they just put it in a styro - so you need to be careful with handling it so it doesn't get smooshed.

Sofia approved Sticky Rice with Mango Stall

Now that I know where to get the good stuff, I won't be settling for the Mango and Sticky Rice sold by the street side vendors in Pratunam anymore. just saying.

Best Mango and Sticky Rice Stall in Pratunam with no name
Soi Petchaburi 30 
New Petchaburi Road 
Makkasan, Ratchawithi 
Bangkok, Thailand

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