Thursday, February 19, 2015

Another year more blessed, another year wiser and another year of more travels

The title makes it sound nice, but in reality, I just turned a year older today (UK time) or yesterday (Philippine time).

I haven't had a chance to reply to all the greetings I received and I'll get to that, but I just want to write this post of thanks to everyone who really went out of their way to make me feel special.

A special shout out to the following...

Thank you to my team, also known as my kids at work.
They surprised me with brunch, posh balloons and stolen roses a day before
my birthday.
Really the  Best Team Ever! You make me really proud to be part of our team.

Then today I got another surprise, from the CMDLT, in the middle of "one of those will-this-meeting-never-end days" that conflicts with more meetings that you also absolutely need to attend.
Hectic much, but the cake was yummy and thanks for the flowers Mykee!
and thanks for the Photo Clint!

Then, I was called to go to my other meeting because it was starting ASAP - which was false alarm, because my office babies (yes, I attract people who like to eat!) gave me another birthday surprise.
Thanks for the false alarm Der!
And thank you babies for your well-thought out emergency Otis to the rescue
gift basket! In fairness, your gift also reminds me of you! Hahahaha.
Hello - Jelly Belly Judger JV!

This week has been super hectic at work because I'm really looking forward to going on vacation (thus the blogging at 1:48am pretending that I'm already in London where it's only 5:48pm so I can get a head start on the jetlag) so I was really happy to leave the office - and work for 6 days and spend quality time with my family before flying off.

I've been wanting to try Duck & Buvette (D&B) in Shangri-La for a long time now, but I've never gotten a chance for one reason or the other, so when Cardinal Tagle exempted Chinese-Filipinos from fasting and abstinence on Ash Wed, I told my family that this was really where I wanted to eat.

D&B is owned and run by Chef Jacq - a really close friend from HS until
we drifted apart, HS small issues I don't even remember. Anyway,
I bugged her for a reservation and we were really impressed with the food.
Duck Confit and the Beef Burgundy for the win!!! and everything else was good too - at very reasonable prices for the quality you're getting I may add, it definitely deserves a separate post for another day when I have had enough sleep.
If you pass by D&B and you have no plans of eating, just grab one of their
Macaron Ice Cream desserts instead. Home made and also so good
Jacq sent Sofia the Strawberry Choco (Feb Special) and we all loved it.
We missed you Tim!!! Walang taga ubos ng matter of pride cake!!!
Yes, lower right photo by Jem caught Sofia attacking the icing. 

I have a few more hours left of my birthday on London time, but it's actually Chinese New Year already in the Philippines.
Round Fruits - Check!

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous Year of the Sheep!!! and with that, I will end by saying this blog is going on vacation!
This year I'm saying good bye to my favorite Samsonite luggage.
I can't say no to bright pink luggage that is 4kg lighter.

You can follow me @coleysjustsaying on Instagram if you're interested in stalking my adventures in...
London - where I can't wait to have a Traditional English Breakfast
Lyon, which is known as the gastronomic capital of France, which I'm excited to visit for the first time
And Paris - where I always feel at home.
I'm really excited to start my birthday and Chinese New Year with a trip to my favorite places. I hope this is a sign of more blessings and more travel to come. just saying.

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