Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sofia's (Dear Diary) version of our weekend in Bangkok

Since we were just going to Bangkok for 2 days, I decided to provide Sofia with an incentive to earn shopping money contingent on good behavior. I agreed to give her 500Baht for the whole trip if she does not misbehave (translated to mean - that if she gets given 3 warnings to stop what I think is not good behavior - she's out). Our scheme is very simple, 2 warnings or less - she keeps everything she buys and any leftover money. If she gets 3 warnings, she returns all her unspent money to me, and everything she's bought will be mine too. I also used this scheme when we went to the states 2 years ago and it always works. 

For our Bangkok trip, we were still in the airport, waiting for our flight, and Sofia already wanted to buy something using her pocket money from National Bookstore. She insisted on buying a super overpriced secret diary so she could no something on the plane was her excuse.
Since the overpriced diary was Php345!!!
She used 100Baht of her Bangkok money and Auntie Celit
added to it so she could buy her diary.

When we got to the airplane, I understood why it was so expensive. It comes with a secret pen that writes in invisible ink, which you'll only be able to read with the UV light (which is incorporated in the cap of the pen). Just imagine, writing is quite complicated too - because you'll need to use the light to see what and where you've already written. But I must admit, it is really quite cool.

While waiting for our turn to take off, Sofia answered some of the "Autograph Book" like questions. Then she decided to write her first entry.
For the record, Sofia wrote this alone, so she doesn't really
need an invisible code, because her spelling is enough
to throw off even an experienced spy.
When we finally took off - Sofia told me to take a picture
of Manila, because the view from above is great.
My smarty pants jet-setter daughter has figured out
she doesn't need blinders as long as she has a hoodie.
Day 0 Diary Entry Highlight
Sofia plans to go to Sun Star, her favorite store
to buy sharpeners.
Day 0 Diary Highlight
Sofia's sharpener haul. All bought from Sun Star.
You can read Sofia's post on Sun Star Wholesale Market here.
One of our Bangkok buys on Day 1 - was a keychain,
for all the keys to Sofia's diaries.
Diaries. You read that right. That's because they sell diaries in Sun Star, so of course we had to buy 3 to avail of their wholesale rate.
Diary Entry Day 1
Day 1 Diary Entry Highlight
Things Sofia bought from Sun Star (among others)
Sofia and Rainbow's Wacky Pose
Another Day 1 Dairy Highlight
Dinner at 4 Sesons (Four Seasons) where the little blogger likes the food
Boneless Roast Duck for the win!!! 

Here are some of Sofia's other Bangkok finds for this trip:
Trolli Gummi Rings! Much better than the Ring Pops from my childhood.
C for Celita and C for Coley
Photo directed and taken by Sofia's Just Saying
Mango and Sticky Rice Monster
Diary Entry Day 2

Sofia's Day 2 Diary entry for is about going home and playing with her yayas. She's really my mini-me. While we both really enjoy Bangkok, a day or two is just perfect for our weekend getaway. just saying.

You can read my version of our weekend here

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