Saturday, February 7, 2015

Winner Hole in the Wall Find: Ludo Board Game Bar and Cafe

My sister has been telling me for a long time now that there's this cool hole in the wall place near the Tomas Morato, QC Area, where you can go for a snack and play really cool board games. I wasn't really interested in going, because board games is not just enough incentive for me to want to drive to Tomas Morato.

But we found ourselves in the area over the Christmas holidays when Ady, Sofia and I went to our hair stylist to get our much awaited haircut (and coloring too for me).

Sofia didn't want to get her hair cut, but we got her to agree when we
told her she could bring home her hair.
Since I had long hair, and I had both my hair colored and cut, Ady and Sofia
were finished way before I was done.

It's a good thing, Ady remembered that Ludo, the board game cafe she was telling me about was nearby, so I told her to take Sofia and wait for me there, and just send me the driver back.

Ludo is in the middle of nowhere in QC.
It's definitely not in one of the main thoroughfares like Tomas Morato or Timog, but it's within that area.
The good thing about this place is they don't just have
the normal board games we're all familiar with.
They just have a lot of board games, period. If their location is hole in the wall, their board games are the equivalent of that. Unheard of, but that doesn't mean they aren't fun to pay with.

They do have Taboo... which I admit is the only board game I recognized.
There are signs around the place that ask you to ask for
help. I think that's what Ady and Sofia did. They asked
her age, and recommended games for her to choose from.
The price for playing a game is one food drink, or one specialty drink.
Very reasonably priced too.
Ady ordered Cheese and Wasabi Gyoza (Php130)
In fairness, they were good. Though the intensity of the flavor
is not really that consistent.
The staff not only recommends a game. They also teach you how to play it.
I guess this place has the Sofia stamp of approval.
Spot the difference.
Sofia, if the wind blows, your eyes will be like that forever!
The next game they played was this Korean one.
I guess you need to chop wood without knocking it down.
This girl is clearly so excited.

When I arrived, we told Sofia she could play a last game.
Ady and Sof were playing with 2 characters each.
You need to protect your coins from the Helicopter man.
There were a lot of big groups having fun playing
unheard of board games.
The only catch is if you arrive when the place is full, it may take time
before you can sit as there is no time limit to playing.

Sofia really enjoyed herself. If you and your friends are in the area with nothing to do, this is a cheap and inexpensive way to entertain yourselves. The good gyoza is just a bonus. just saying.

Ludo Board Game Cafe
Scout Fuentebella Corner Scout Torillo Street, 
Near Tomas Morato, Sacred Heart, Quezon City

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