Monday, February 9, 2015

Cath Kidston x Twinings Limited Edition Macarons from Bangkok

When I lived in Singapore, TWG Macarons were the in thing. You can read my very popular post on that here. Perhaps, it was because Ladurée and Pierre Hermé could only be enjoyed in Paris, but I'm sure it's also because TWG's tea infused macaros were really good.

So when I saw Twinings x Cath Kidston's limited edition
 macaron collaboration, it was not really something new.
But when I looked at it closer, I just though that they brought cuteness to
a whole new level!!!
I think they have around 12 tea infused flavors, and out of that, they have 4
with really cute Cath Kidston prints on the macaron shell itself.
Unfortunately when we went, they only had Earl Grey and Rose Garden.
I would have loved to try the Four Red Fruits or Lady Grey.
So since I'm not a fan of eating rose anything,
Earl Grey macaron it was for me.
How can you eat this cutie???
Though it pained me, I finally bit into it. Yummy!
Crunchy light shell, most tasty Earl Grey filling that's not too sweet.

Cath Kidston x Twinings Macarons are only available for a limited time. Grab them from the Cath Kidston Central World store in Bangkok until February 28, 2015. I hope they do so well, they decide to make it permanent because I want to go back and try the other flavors. just saying.

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