Monday, February 16, 2015

Shea Lotion Bars

Do you remember the time in University when Business Management students need to come up with a business project and they normally come up with products that are sold in school? I used to love shopping in school during this season because there are normally a lot of interesting ideas.

Some even become a full fledged business, like the Kusina Klassics Kalamansi Squeeze that my sister's friends started as their school project. It's now available in selected supermarkets, bazaars and online stores. I couldn't find their website online, but I was able to find them on a Japanese website selling for ¥514 which you can visit here.

I guess, if you have a good product, at the right price, it doesn't matter what age you are or what capital you start with. If you persevere in selling your product, you can make it big. And to think, I bet you just started out trying to get a good grade.

It's been quite awhile since I've come across products sold by students as part of their projects, but I've come across one recently that I think also has a lot of potential.

Shea Lotion Bars
You can moisturize with no mess.
It's easy to apply, and not sticky or greasy at all.

They are quite affordable at Php150 (I think!) a bar, and they come in really cute packaging. My best friend gave me one, after I used hers and liked it. If I discovered them before Christmas, I would have hoarded a lot to give away as gifts. But I guess, they'll come in very handy as well to bring along on summer outings. just saying.

You can visit their Facebook page
just message them to order.

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