Monday, February 2, 2015

Starbucks Origami Drip from Japan and Starbucks Reserve Coffee Shops in Manila

I love coffee. I think it makes the world go round. My world at least. I wouldn't be able to function at all without it. However, I think I've matured a lot as a coffee drinker in the last year or so.

Before, my definition of coffee was the coffee smell you get when you enter Starbucks (before, I don't even notice it anymore) or when you brew a fresh pot, but the only way I drank my coffee was with a lot of milk, and a lot of sugar, but I liked my coffee strong - so I could still taste it, despite the milk and sugar that I mixed in.

Drinking Black Coffee was unheard of for me. Too bitter!

The first time I was able to drink coffee black and really enjoy it was when Peachy brought home Starbucks Origami Drip from Japan
Just open the pack, fold the card board as instructed, then drip hot water,
for a fresh cup. Smells so good! You'll wake up on the smell alone.
You can even stretch one Origami Pack to 2 small cups.
Brown Sugar makes it taste better, but honestly, it's good even without.
I've only seen it in Japan, so whenever we go, we hoard.
Our favorite blends are the Medium (Pike Place Roast) and Dark (Cafe Verona).
The last time we were there, we saw a cheaper version
also Starbucks Origami, from Don Quixote, but it
didn't taste as good. We noticed, it was just the House Blend.

I don't know if you'll agree, but that about sums up the Starbucks experience for me. I think their plain coffee (try ordering Brewed Coffee) tastes like crap. It wouldn't make my world go round - but it's really their specialty drinks like the NON-FAT White Chocolate Mocha, the NON-FAT Caramel Macchiato, and the Limited Edition Asian Dolce Latte NON-FAT or Iced Americano no water with (half the allocated pumps) White Mocha that people like me go for.

Recently though, Starbucks converted (and opened some new) branches as Starbucks Reserve. We actually visited one unwittingly when we desperately needed a coffee fix in the Tomas Morato Area and we were just surprised when we entered to see that they had a different menu, and different offerings as well.
The Barista recommended that I order a hot coffee so I could enjoy
the Reserve Coffee drip style.

Even part of the store looked different from the normal Starbucks. The front part of the store (signage included) looked just the same.
They have the Pour Over Station at the back, where
you can watch and chat with the barista preparing the coffee.
I ordered the Peru Chonti because it was one of the bestsellers, and I was interested to try coffee described as having Chocolatey notes.
The first thing the barista did was wet the filter.
This is so it's more stable and it won't fly away.
Then the barista gets the beans that you chose, to grind on the spot.
Oh, I was so tempted to mix up the lids when no one was looking.
After watching this - I realized, I really want a personal coffee grinder.
Hahaha. Addict much.
Imagine, a personal grinder will give you fresh coffee for
every cup. supposing your beans are also fresh.
Then she just pours the water over.
Look at my barista wanna be.
The water is poured a little at a time.
Just like how water is poured for the Origami Drip.
The barista then asks if you take it with Milk or not. She adds more water if you take it black. I just replied, when the coffee is good, I take it black. I must say, the Peru Chonti was good enough to savor on its own.

It's not just the coffee that's unique to Starbucks Reserve stores.
They also have food, only for the Reserve branches like flavored scones.
But don't worry, because they also have the usual
best sellers.
The same is true for their merchandise.
Pity though that they don't have reserve cups (or didn't have them when I went).
So, if you want to try a good cup of coffee from Starbucks, just buy the Starbucks Origami Coffee from Japan, or hope you get good coffee like I did from a Starbucks Reserve Store. just saying.

Starbucks Reserve
212 Tomas Morato Avenue Corner Scout Dr Lazcano, 
Sacred Heart, Quezon City

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