Thursday, October 1, 2015

Super Easy Cold Brew Coffee DIY

Since the first ever International Coffee Day is being celebrated today, i decided to join the celebration by writing about my newest experiment, how to make Cold Brew Coffee.

Cold Brew coffee uses cold water in the brewing process, instead of the usual hot water, so you need to steep your freshly ground beans for a longer period of time. What normally takes 2 minutes, will take 24 hrs but as long as you remember to do it in advance it's very easy to do.

This project was inspired by Slurp's cold brew from the Japanese Cheesecake stall in Century City Mall.

My friend treated me to cold brew coffee and this bottle cost her Php185. Not too bad for good coffee, and in fairness, it was. But the clincher came when we saw that they were also offering a slice of Japanese Cheesecake with Drip Coffee for only Php103! It seemed so expensive by comparison so I brought home the bottle (I am sure that's part of the cost anyway!) So I could make my own version.

Making Cold Brew is very easy as long as you have things all you'll need, and if the coffee lovers around there are anything like me, chances are you'll already have them in your kitchen.

Things You Need:
1. Fresh coffee beans
2. Coffee grinder (in the absence of this, make sure you have fresh grounds that were ground coarsely)
3. French Press (ideal) or Mason Jar and sieve or the drip and filter apparatus

How to make cold brew coffee:
1. Ground some coffee beans (I think I used 3 scoops for a 300ml French Press)
2. Put in 1:8 ground coffee ratio or 16g coffee grounds for a 300ml French Press, then add the cold water until it's full.

3. Leave to settle for 24 hrs. I left mine in the fridge. Do not push down the French Press filter until the coffee is ready.
4. After 24 hrs, your cold brew coffee is ready to drink. If you're using a Mason Jar, just strain the coffee grounds out with a sieve or use a coffee drip and filter.

Voila! Coley's Cold Brew Coffee!

I was surprised it tasted so good, and on my first attempt too.

In case you are wondering, I used Batangas Barako Coffee Beans (bought from the Batangas Market), and I love my Hario Coffee Grinder (and I also love using my Hario v60 coffee drip in the office which would also work for this excercise.

In hindsight, the Php185 my friend paid to treat me to cold brew coffee was a cheap price to pay for OK inspiring this really easy to do at home project. just saying.

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