Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rustic Mornings and Super Yummy Puto with Cheese from Marikina

Rustic Mornings is one of my favorite brunch places, in fact, I always blog about them, but last time I was there, I discovered something that makes the Rustic Mornings experience even better.

The usuals normally include an Omelette or two and the usual order of Filipino breakfast.

Instead of Mushroom and Arugula Omelette, I had Mushroom and Basil.
Ains had the Egg Whites only Meat Lovers Omelette
Monch had the Tocilog, with extra Tapa and extra Longganiza
Hindi yata siya gutom. Hahaha.
...and Peachy had the day off. JOKE! 
But all of us missed her for brunch that day.
Good thing Sofia volunteered to be Tita Peachy's

The highlight of our visit was discovering that Marikina Puto is really good. You can find the Puto Stores beside each other on the Main Street immediately after leaving Rustic Mornings.

There are a lot of stores beside each other selling the same
thing, but Aling Remy's is the original.
Parang field trip lang ang peg.
Though I think Aina was overdressed, so we didn't get any
tawad (discount).
They now sell puto in all flavors (and colors), but I was told that the
best is still the original - which is the brown one.
We were so stuffed from breakfast, that I actually picked the smallest
package which was half puto and half kutsinta (for Php65 pesos I think).
I should have bought the bigger package! It was so good, Sofia liked it so much, that we actually finished everything (except for four pieces or so) on the same day, and Sofia actually wanted to go back to buy more.

Sofia and I also had to buy one of the big bags of fish crackers which was
also really yummy. In fact, it's perfect to serve to guests to munch on if
you're planning a party.
Thanks Tito Monch for introducing us to Aling Remy.
Can you please buy us more puto?
Now, I'm sure, every time I eat at Rustic Mornings, I will definitely pass by for some puto from Aling Remy, and you can be sure, I will no longer go for the smallest pack. just saying.

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Rustic Mornings
11 Isabelo Mendoza St.
San Roque, Marikina

Aling Remy's Puto with Chezee
229 J.P. Rizal St.
San Roque, Marikina

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  1. You can also try Rocha's puto & kutsinta which I think better than Aling Remy's. Rochas has a branch near Kapitan Moy Bldg (in front of OLA Church).