Friday, February 10, 2012

Birthday Maldives Trip

Tim arrived from Singapore yesterday because we are heading to lovely Maldives tonight.


We are keeping our fingers crossed because Maldives has been in the news the past few days because of the political unrest at the moment. For my own peace of mind, I called the resort and they reassured me that the Malé International Airport was in a separate Island isolated from Malé City.  The resort is on a separate island too. We will be picked up by hotel representatives who will take us on a 15minute speed boat ride to paradise. Their words not mine.

Thanks for coming for my birthday Tim! :)
and thanks for getting me a birthday present that I actually like :)
It's perfect for the Maldives weekend.

Connectivity may again be an issue this weekend. We will opt not to pay for internet if it is not part of the package so we can make the most out of our stay in paradise. Hope you enjoy the weekend as much a we plan to!


  1. Way to go Tim! Man gift success! Enjoy you guys and looking forward to the kwentos and the blog post!

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