Monday, February 13, 2012

Unforgettable Maldives Weekend

We just got back from Maldives. I have paradise hangover!!!

Jetty at Malé International Airport
even at 10pm at night, you can see that the water is turquoise, very clear and beautiful
before boarding the 15minute speedboat ride to paradise
At the Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa
we pretended to be on our honeymoon to get free upgrades
yahoooooo. it sure felt like we won the room lottery.
our room had direct beach access, and i'm sure we're paying for the cheapest room.
now i'm so sure it's thanks to my SPG Gold card and not because we're on a pseudo-honeymoon!
they gave us separate beds! hahaha
I love hotels that give me welcome chocolates!
Since the room doesn't come with anything else in addition to the chocolates,
We brought a lot of snacks to augment the mini-bar! Hahaha, skwami much, I know!
The bathroom is very basic for a US$500 a night hotel!
But at least it's big and clean, and Tim loves the Mandarin and Mint Toiletries.
We have our own sitting area right outside our room.
If only I can do this every time I have a tiring week at work.
The view is a thousand times better during the day.
Tim woke me up at 730am so we could start enjoying paradise.
Then he went back to sleep in his aquarium.
Just Kidding. Photo taken using the blue filter.
The more expensive rooms above water.
View of our cottage from the water.
Our room is the only one open this early in the morning.
Above beach rooms on the other side of our cottage.
The water is so clear you can see the fish even without any snorkeling gear.
One fish. Two fish. Red fish. Blue fish.
all colors, all sizes, some even big enough to feed a family
we even thought we saw a Shark. no joke!
Tim's scratch is not from a night of passion, but from my panicking that there might be a shark after us!
Hahaha, seriously. I had visions of myself starring in Jaws!
View from my lounger.
I'm super feelingera.
I got the magazine from Singapore Airlines so I can send this in to KrisFlyer. Hahaha.
The resort is on a private island, so every where you turn there is access to a lovely beach.
The guests who are not lucky enough to be given a room with beach access need to reserve lounge chairs.
One of the restaurants in the resort is right by the beach.
The same restaurant/bar also has beds that you can relax in.
The resort also has a pool, but we did not want to waste any of our time there.
This walkway leads to the Shine Spa also referred to as the Spa Island.
We just checked it out. It was too expensive to get a treatment.
But honestly, when you're in paradise, you don't feel like you NEED a massage.
The beach is really visually nice, but it's quite rocky in places. Just Saying.
On the positive side, this means that you can actually pick shells.
My shell stash for Fi.
She'd freak out if I gave her one of these! Hahaha.
Note to self: find her one in Bora next weekend.
My reflection on our door
Leaving the island is also through a speed boat.
I think they have the sexiest life jackets. None of the bulky ones for this boat!
Bye bye Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa
Till our next visit...
Approaching Malé International Airport during the day
I loved reminiscing about my weekend in paradise. I will blog more about Maldives soon, as I think it will take a long, long time before I finish nursing my holiday hangover. Just Saying.

The Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa is accessible through Malé International Airport. You just need to give the hotel your flight details and they will take care of everything... for a price of course! Hahaha, but let me save all my tips for another time.


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