Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My camera is such a GUY!!!

If my camera had a gender... I'm so sure it's male!!!

My camera is very smart. It's a Canon S95 point and shoot with some manual features that I've never learned to use. I only use the automatic setting, because focuses on something so well and blurs the rest, that it makes me look like a good photographer.

I just realized, that's not such a handy thing when it focuses on the wrong thing! It becomes a real problem when you're using a waterproof case that fogs, and gets smeared with tanning oil, so you only discover what shots you have when you and the camera is back on dry land, and taking new pictures becomes more trouble than it's worth.

This is what I mean:
Uhmmm... if my camera were a guy, i'd say, talk to the face!!!
Tim likes this picture because it looks like I'm walking...
now if only my face were clearer.
And this picture shows that my camera is NOT only partial to my red bikini.

I rest my case. My camera is a guy. Just Saying.

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