Saturday, February 25, 2012

Boracay Food Trip

Some places are nice to visit... but what makes the difference between a 'Been there, Done that' place and a place that 'I will go to over and over again' is the FOOD!!!

Boracay, in addition to being a really nice place because it's the second best beach in the world (you can read about my previous post on Bora here), is also a Foodie Destination. And for Foodie Destinations, I normally have a list that I work my way through... the list is finalized based on a combination of food we've tried, liked and want to eat again, as well as recommendations from foodie friends.

This was my Boracay TO EAT list last weekend:
But since I virtually lived in my bikini for 2 days, I stayed away from pure-carbs but noodles in soup, cakes, etc DON"T COUNT... Hahaha... 

REAL COFFEE - check!

A very rustic coffee shop near station 2 owned by an American lady.
They bake the cookies and muffins on site in this simple shop.
Their Calamansi (Philippine Lemon) Muffins are very popular.
It's a dense, moist cake in muffin shape with a tart twist.
I love their omelletes because they serve it with pesto!
I told yaya to try it so she could make it for us in Singapore.

BAILEY's MILKSHAKE during Happy Hour at NIGI NIGI - check!

The original Nigi Nigi is in Station 3
They also have a branch in Station 1
Bailey's Shake FTW
Happy Hour is only 5-7pm. We made it just in time for last orders :)

SEAFOOD at d'talipapa (wet market) - check!

D' Talipapa is a wet market where you buy the fresh seafood,
then you bring it to one of the restaurant nearby who will cook it for you for a small charge.
There's a board in the market with the prices so foreigners don't need to have a hard time bargaining.
Pero kung pinoy ka, masmababa ibibigay sayo, may dagdag pa :)
Scallops Galore!
My mom got them at only Php250 a kilo!
That's such a steal at SG$7.33.
Tiger Prawns... as big as the ones Tim had in Maldives.
That's my finger for perspective.
Fresh Lobsters!
This one looks a bit small beside me and Jem...
But it's actually this BIG!!!
You need to buy the veggies too!
We had our food cooked at one of the bigger places called Plato D' Boracay

I'm not really a seafood fan, so I was in it for the Butter Sauce... but this was the best seafood dinner I ever had. Seriously!

Prawns in Lemon Butter sauce with garlic
Lobster in Chilli Sauce that taster more like sweet and sour sauce but it was very good
Yummy lobster meat!
Adobong Kangkong... 'coz I don't eat carbs. hahaha.
my favorite was the baked scallops
can you guess how many scallops I ate? :)

At least now I know that I like seafood, as long as it's only scallops, lobster and prawns. Hahaha. My mom said the cost of our dinner was around Php4,000 (less than SG$120) only. We had two platters of everything. There were nine of us and we were all stuffed to the brim!

CHORI Burger or LONGGA-on-a-stick - check!

The longga and chori (Philippine Local Sausage) stalls are normally on the beach in front of the bars
They brush on sweet or spicy sauce to make it extra tasty
I was so stuffed after our seafood dinner, but since it was our last night, I had to have some.
Good thing Ivan was also game.
Guess who had the other half when I got home...

JONAH's Fruit Shake - check!

Jonah's has the best fruit shake in Boracay.
Their place in station 1 has a nice view of the grotto.
shot with a yellow filter
If you plan on having a proper meal, ask them to split one shake into two glasses.
A full shake is so huge, it's a proper meal replacement.
They can also prepare it to go in a 500ml recycled water bottle.
my favorite refreshing shake is Papaya Lemon
but I also sipped from Ma's Mango Banana and Ivan's Avocado, my other favorite flavoirs
They also serve food. Ivan ordered Pork Sinigang (pork cooked in tamarind soup base).
I order was enough for at least two people to share. 

Original La Paz Batchoy at DECO's - check!

La Paz Batchoy is noodle soup made with pork and pork organs, crushed pork cracklings, tasty stock from shrimp paste, some beef loin and round noodles and it originates from the La Paz district in IloIlo City, one of the cities that are quite near to Caticlan and Boracay. So, since we were so close to the source, all of us were craving La Paz Batchoy. It's a good thing we attempted to walk to Station 3 from our hotel so we discovered a Deco's branch. Deco's is one of the pioneers in the La Paz Batchoy business, you can visit their website here.

Yummy tasty La Paz Batchoy
I shared my noodles with Sofia so I ate the less carb version.
a closer look at the pork innards
They normally serve it with a lot of liver and the soup base is quite salty, that's why I like it.
They also serve Puto Manapla (steamed rice cakes cooked in banana leaves)
Sofia liked it so much, she hoarded everything left.

SILI SHANGHAI (Spring Rolls with Chili) from the Kalibo Airport - check!

This is a totally new addition to my TO EAT list, and it might only be applicable if you depart from Kalibo. I was so hungry when we got to the Kalibo Airport because low-carb La Paz Batchoy isn't exactly filling... so this looked so good when I saw it. It actually tasted even better.

Ground Pork in Chili (the one used for Sinigang) Fried Spring Roll

I actually found a site that had instructions on how you can prepare it. You can read about it here. Note to self, forward it to Ma so she can make it for us.

I realized that knowing where to eat is only half the challenge. The critical part where careful planning is required is in trying to squeeze all the food you want to eat in the amount of time that you'll be there, so Good Luck and Happy Eating :)


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