Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thirty Three

Thirty-Three is a nice number. It also happens to be the number of years I've spent on this earth, always trying to live my life to the fullest.

It took me 14 hours to fly home (including a few hours I had to spend in transit in Singapore) to spend my birthday with my family and friends. I was so tired, but the trip was really worth it. There is nothing like spending special days with the people you love. It keeps you young! Hahaha. Just Saying.

I super duper missed Sofifi!
Ice Box Cake sent my Auntie Mama for our birthday salubong(welcome) tradition 
Thanks for my gift Jem and Ivan :)

Loves it!!! I'm wearing it to Bora tomorrow :)
and if may mukhang may fake bag, haharap ko sa kanya chest ko!
My brother, who still owes me a gift, bleeding chocolate!!!
Timothy See, this is your share of the matter of pride cake
Thanks for the gift Ma.
Please tell Pa, I'm still waiting for my iPad.
Baka may iPad20 na hindi ko pa din nakukuha. Just like the Octopus!
Fif surprisingly loving the dress I got her from Sri Lanka.
Thanks for my gift shobs! I love it!
Photo credit: Sofia
(who told me not to complain because she made sure she got both of us in the picture!)
Picture with Auntie Celit, Fif and Ady in my new jacket
The little schemer was hiding her gift because she wanted to surprise me.
Call me cheesy, but I love Sofia's handmade cards!
She made this all by herself :)
This little girl had to hide while I was opening her gift because she has a tendency to tell you what's inside before you finish opening it.
Picture again with Auntie Celit, Fif and Ads, this time wearing Fi's gift
which she insists she bought in the mall with her gammy's money
Birthday brunch was celebrated with the still single girls in our barkada
I love how our outfits all coordinate.
This is more Sex in the City than GG, so I call dibs on Samantha!
And I think si Tians si Miranda, Twiny is Carrie and Chipsy is Charlotte!
Late dumating, but they arrived ready to eat :)
Ma came to the rescue by whipping up a Filipino Breakfast Spread for brunch
no gathering at our house is complete without Chicken Ala King
Miranda and the Chicken Ala King
I love Tapa (Marinated beef) and Chicken Longaniza (Filipino Sausages)
Mama also made a Strawberry Shortcake for dessert!
It was really yumm...
Me and Fif
with Family and Friends
Feel na feel ko magmake ng birthday wish! :)
Dinner with the family was at Abe in Serendra
It has become one of my favorite restaurants since I became an OFW, so it deserves a separate post!
Sofifi gets some playground time after dinner at Market! Market!
I dragged everyone for a night cap at Chatime because I had a Milk Tea craving
I may have used the It's my birthday card!
Thanks for treating us to Milk Tea shobs! :)

The birthday celebration continues in Boracay tomorrow!!!
Boracay White Beach
Photo credit: Sirenna (

My connectivity may again be limited. But this means I still plan to use the It's my birthday card! I honestly think I can get away with it for at least a month. Just Saying.

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