Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shopping Finds in Colombo (Part 2)

Sometimes when you don't seek, you shall find. That definitely sums up my shopping on this trip to Colombo. It can also be said that I buy the craziest things, but only if the price is right. I refer to shopping as my retail therapy. I find joy in buying even the simplest things. Yes, that includes groceries!

Here are the little and big things that have made me happy:

A pair of lime green elephants for my beach house that I have yet to build
From ODEL 450LKR (SG$5 or Php165)
Yummy Cheese Biscuits for Sofia's school snacks
from any Supermarket
Flavored Tea for Pasalubong from ODEL
Sofia's favorite chocolate covered popping candy that I got her the last time
also from ODEL
We saw this eye-catching display of door stoppers at The Gallery Shop in Paradise Road 

All throughout dinner, all I could think of was how many I needed for the beach house that I have yet to build. Yes, the same beach house which will have the lime green elephants guarding one of the sets of doors.

I absolutely loved telling Tim:
Can you pick out six for the beach house?
and yes, I know, we ended up with 8 because it was so hard to choose.
Just a thought bubble, instead of giving my beach house guests keys like a hotel would do, I can give them door stoppers who look like them so they can keep their doors open instead. Hahaha, so don't visit us if you value your privacy. Hahaha, I might NOT be kidding. Just Saying.

I also picked out a pair for Tita Tess and Tito Boy who I'll be visiting soon in Australia
and a door stopper family for my aunt who's moving into their new flat soon

If any more shopping finds me in my last week here, I will go broke! Hahaha. I have been going to the Zam Gems for two days now and I have always come out very happy. It's a bit scary though because they have started to give me free gifts, it means I am spending to much in their store. :) Just Saying.

I mentioned ODEL briefly in my first post on shopping in Colombo which you can read about here.

5 Alexandra Place, Colombo 7

2 Alfred House Road, Colombo 3

Main Show Room
81, Galle Road, Colombo 04
I've never actually visited the Main Show Room
I've always found things I like from the Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel Show Room
Just don't go to the Cinnamon Grand Hotel branch because it's very small

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  1. Seems like you had done nice shopping. And your pictures shows that you got nice stuff also. I like the A pair of lime green elephants, door stoppers. I want Them. Thanks for sharing. Ill definitely buy it if I go to Colombo.
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