Monday, February 27, 2012

Toast Box Dinner


We had dinner at Toast Box for the first day of Chinese New Year, for lack of other options. OK, fine. Though a lot of the restaurants were closed, we had some other options, but since we refused to stand in a long line, we had to eat in Toast Box by default. Well, Tim was also super hungry and he said that Toast Box is one of his favorite places, so Toast Box it is.

The ambiance of their branch at The Shoppes in Marina Bay Sands is actually very nice. I mentioned it in my post here.

Since not a lot of restaurants were open, the queue was very long everywhere. It was the same at Toast Box but we just got lucky in finding a table. They were actually running out of food. When we were ordering, the only real food they had was Laksa and Chicken Curry. It's a good thing Tim's favorites were the Laksa and Kaya Toast Meal which they still had in stock.

Tim wanted Kaya Butter Toast and Soft Boiled Eggs to go with his Laksa.
Sofia wanted to share so he could not contaminate the eggs with Soy Sauce until she said  she was done.
I ordered the Kaya Toast Set Meal so I could drink the Kopi
The Kaya Toast Set Meal (SG$5.00) comes with 2 slices kaya butter toast, 2 soft boiled eggs and Kopi or Teh 

The best Kaya Butter Toast for me is Toast Box or Ya Kun Kaya Toast. My criteria is simple. The butter has to be as thick or thicker than the bread.
The Toast Box Kaya Butter Toast is served with softer bread.
The Ya Kun Kaya Butter Toast version has crunchier bread.

For real food, we ordered the only items that they still had available:
The Toast Box Laksa has short noodles, that look very similar to bean sprouts.
It won't trouble you with Laksa splatters on your shirt, or in the eye
(which I know from experience can be really painful!)

I think we were served the last 2 orders of Chicken Curry, because I overheard someone saying that only Laksa was available. Hahaha. Surprisingly, the curry sauce was really good. It just gets a bit spicy if you try to avoid eating rice like I do.
The Chicken Curry has 4 pieces of middle winglets and potatoes.
The Chicken Curry Meal (SG$7.20) comes with rice and Barley Juice.

I still think of Toast Box as one of my favorite Kopi and Kaya Toast places, but when you need real food, it's not a bad choice. Toast Box is available almost every where in Singapore. For a complete list of their branches, you can check their website.

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