Friday, February 17, 2012

Singapore Stopover Kaya Fail

Ya Kun Kaya Toast used to be one of my favorite places in Singapore. They are known for Kaya Butter Toast, where the bread is thin and crisp, and the butter is thicker than the bread.

Today's Kaya Toast was a BIG disappointment! I had to use my imagination to see and taste the butter! This is NOT worth eating carbs for. I may give Ya Kun another chance but I'm never coming back to the 313@somerset branch. No one should mess with the butter in my Kaya Toast! Just Saying.

Note: I left my Kaya Toast after one bite, after inspecting the rest to make sure I didn't miss the butter. I gave them my feedback too.

On a totally different note, I love Singapore malls. They SMS you to collect a birthday gift and they give you a load of vouchers! In the lot I got after my kaya fail, I got a voucher for Ya Kun in Orchard Central. Second chance it is then...

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