Monday, November 26, 2012

Afternoon Tea at Da.U.De Tea Lounge

My friend Anna, and her daughter Andie, introduced us to a nice and cozy tea lounge at the Fort. We just read about their three generations tea date (with Lola Lits) in facebook, and the next thing you know, we were already planning and meeting for an afternoon tea date with our girls + Yonso. is pronounced da-you-deh
The counter where you can see the tea dispensers.
We decided to order the Two Tier Tray  (Php1000 or SG$30) for two
+ savoury stuff from the ala carte menu.
It still arrived in a three tier-tray but it looked quite sparse.
We also ordered Mushroom & Mascarpone Pasta (Php390 or SG$12)
to share.
It has a fresh lemon flavor that complements it's richness.
Hans had the Crispy Pork Bahn Mi (Php340 or SG$10).The menu said it tea-infused crispy sisig but the pork serving
was chunky and generous.
There's a whole page in the menu devoted to tea,
Anna chose Chai because I felt like having tea with milk, the British way. 
The tea is served in a drip contraption.
 They give you Milk, Syrup and Hot Water Refills when you ask for it. 
Fif loved helping me prepare tea
because she saw Andie helping her mom.
Thank you Andie for inviting us to your favorite tea place.
The first tier of the tea set are madeleines.
They actually came free because we chose to get scones.
Sofia loved eating them while doing madeleines math.
The second tier was the chocolate chip scone and tea brulee. 
I moved the chocolate chip scone on the top tier
with the jam and clotted cream for better plating.
The last tier had apple strudel, panna cotta with berry sauce,and mini macarons. 
They changed our mini macarons because we ordered
Earl Grey and Berry. This picture is magnified.
Refer to picture above for reference on actual size.
I bummed some of Hans' Bahn Mi sandwich.
It was good, and a sixth is the perfect size for afternoon tea. 
The kiddos after having their red Iced tea.
This was the "don't cry Andie" picture.
Happy Yonch and Happy Fi.
The ambiance was light and bright.
I just don't get the permanent marker dedication on the white walls.
Miss Earth from Bosnia to Northern Island (this is an exageration) signed it.
Kids books on tea are available to borrow for the kids.
They also give you the bill in a kid's tea book.
They also have a nice clean rest room.
Sofia love the mirrored walls because she could see so many images of us.
Fif and I had a great time.
SOfia with Andie and Yonso outside the tea lounge.

Thank you very much Anna, Andie and Lola Lits for sharing your favorite tea lounge with us. We should come back again when Mia is free. 

Da.U.De Tea Lounge
Net Lima Bldg.
4th Ave. and 26th St., Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
(+63 2) 478-3579

All the pictures in this post was shot with an iPod Touch and edited through instagram. I remembered to bring my camera but unfortunately, as soon as I attempted to take the first shot it reminded me that my SD card was still in the laptop slot. Booo for senior moments. So the actual things may actually be better than they look. just saying.

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