Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gigi's Sea-Salt Chocolate Cupcakes

If you love salt and you enjoy savory -sweet dessert combinations, you probably will like the Sea Salt Chocolate Cupcakes from Gigi Coffee & Cupcakes in Eastwood. (It's in the lobby of one of the office buildings near Citibank)

Yes, that's rock salt on top.
I tried their cupcakes from a colleague who brought a dozen different flavors to work and while it's still generally hit or miss on the flavors, they have two things going for them. All their cupcakes were consistently moist and the price is very reasonable at Php40 a piece. A special plus for me is that it is quite near from where I live so it's easy to pass by. They are closed on Sundays though.  

Sofia on one of the side tables.
The place is well-lit and the fake grass flooring gives you sense that you're just enjoying a cup coffee and dessert in a garden (but it's actually more comfortable because the place is air-conditioned). They have a handful of tables and two side tables facing the rest of the cafe.

When we were there, we only wanted to try the sea-salt chocolate because the other flavors looked fairly ordinary.
While the cake was moist and did not disappoint,
I made the mistake of asking for the cupcake with the most salt on top,
so my sister found it too salty, but I liked it after removing some salt.

Since then, I've craved for cupcakes on my way home from work. It's just a small detour and it's easy and convenient enough to ask my driver to drop me off while I grabbed a box of 6 to bring home.

Green Tea, Peanut Butter, Raspberry,
Sea-Salt chocolate, Coffee and Chocolate.

I've noticed that most non-chocolate cupcakes are have a butter cupcake base, it's the icing that carries the flavor. I still find them on the sweet side, so normally I scrape most of the icing off, leaving some for taste. However, in fairness to them, it seemed like the Sea-Salt chocolate cupcakes of the other day was just a fluke, where someone over-salted them. When I ordered Sea Salt Chocolate the second time around, even the cupcake with the most salt, did not in any way resemble the cupcakes from the other day (referring to the picture above).

This is the Sofia stamp of approval for
the Chocolate Cupcake.
It was gone in no time.
The cupcake is so moist, some of it really sticks to the cupcake lining.

Gigi has boxes 6 and 12 available. You get a small discount if you buy a box because I think the box of 6 is only Php235 and the box of 12 is Php475. I've previously tried a spicy chocolate cupcake from what my friend brought to work and I've also read reviews online about a chocolate bacon cupcake that they had. I can't wait to try that.

Gigi Cupcakes come in a simple white box with this label.

Gigi Coffee & Cupcakes
Felina Corporate Plaza Lobby
Eastwood City, Quezon City
+63 2 234 28 42
closed on sundays

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