Monday, November 12, 2012

Baby Shower for Man-Cha and Frank-Kim

Yesterday we had a baby shower for two of my close friends from High School, and their hubbies. It was a small gathering at Big Mama's place where we had our fill of Big Mama's Chicken Rice (among others), which for me is carbs that are really worth it.

Since it was a Sunday, Sofia and I were running late and we arrived while everyone was already eating. We ate our many servings of Chicken Rice and Prawns fast so the games could begin!

The two nearly expecting moms.
No baby shower is complete without gifts.

There first game was to break into groups of four, then name as many of our batch-mates from ICA with two or more kids. My killing time on facebook to and from work everyday and Vice's networking sure helped because we were the winning team.

The three preggies and me (not preggy) with our prizes.
Kim and Cha immediately ate the curly tops we won.
These are the groups that did NOT win. Hahaha.
We stopped for a dessert when the guys came back with
Cornetto Ice Cream from Mini-Stop.

The other game was a race between the couples to see how ready they are to take care of their baby.
Cha and Kim had to prepare the coke "milk".
Then put on the diaper.
Go!Go!Go! It looks like a close race.

Then the babies need to finish their milk. Hahahaha.
Frank and Kim look very competitive.
While Cha and Man are the relaxed new parents to be.
The winning couple.
If Madam Faith had a crystal ball, their babies would look like this.
Proud Daddies.
Last picture with the celebrants because we had to eat, play and run.
My little girl still had baking and biking to do.
Hope you liked our shower gifts :)

Good luck on the last stretch Cha and Kim! Hope you both have a safe delivery. We can't wait to welcome your babies to the 765 family. just saying.

For super duper yummy chicken rice - visit 
Big Mama's Place
155-B M. Paterno St.,
San Juan, Metro Manila
you can visit them on facebook

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