Friday, November 2, 2012

Kyoto Day Trip

People were quite surprised to find out that we went to Osaka for a week, and we stayed there without travelling anywhere else. They couldn't understand why we were too lazy to go around Japan to visit other cities. If you also don't understand, you can read my post about eating and shopping non-stop hereSo to make things better, and so we won't look too lazy, we'd tell people that we went to Kyoto for a day trip. We were willing to go to Kyoto because it was so near, it didn't feel like we were travelling to a different city at all.

Kyoto is easily accessible by train from Osaka. It only takes around 25 minutes by the Special Rapid JR train and less than an hour if you take the slower one. 

The ticket from Umeda to Kyoto Station (by JR)
is only JPY540 (Php270).
We discovered that if you're not in a hurry,
it's better to jump into the slower train so you can sit!
The Special Rapid Train was much more crowded.
Someone saw bread she wanted to try!
Sofia and Ninang Ads got some bread for breakfast at the
Bus Ticket and Information office outside Kyoto Station.
Sofia and Ady with the Kyoto Tower in the background.
It was sunny but the wind was freezing.
Eating the bunny bread while waiting for the bus.
The bus took forever. Ubos na yun bread!
There are actually 2 bus stops for Bus No. 5.
Make sure you get the one going the right direction.
Our first stop was Nishiki Market.
You just take Bus No. 5 to the main shopping street,
then you just walk to the street behind it.
I remember this stall selling hand sewn sushi.
I was still tempted to buy it but I resisted. Maybe next time I'll give in.
Filipino vendors in the Japanese market.
We also ate at the same place we ate in the last time we were here. It's the first restaurant you'll see once you enter the market, so if you arrive hungry, chances are, this is where you'll eat too.
Ma and Ady had Tempura Soba.
Sofia and I shared Chicken Karaage.
I also ordered fried tofu skin.
So much unagi (eel) in the market.
Pa likes that but we were all too full.
Sofia saw sushi candy that she wanted to buy,
but I told her I saw it cheaper near the temple.
Ady and I wanted tamago (egg sashimi syle) but we were also full.

This is the yummy dried cranberries from the dried fruit stall.
No one in our family is a fan so I didn't buy.
I just had my fill of free taste. Hahaha.
The same store also sells roasted chestnuts.
Sofia was watching the machine peel them before it got roasted.
Sofia kept on showing everyone the eyes she spied.
Ewwww... look at all those fish eyes looking at you.
Fake smile while standing beside octopus.

After we walked through the market, we decided to go to Kiyomizudera Temple because it was highly recommended. You need to go through an uphill climb to get there. If given a choice, it's better to get down at the first bus stop before the temple because that route has more shops along the way.

My sister who is allergic to exercise was mad at me
for not telling her there was a climb involved.

At the foot of the temple. Shot in vivid.
Sofia's turn to take our picture.
Taking one with lolo's camera too.
In Kyoto, it's fairly common to see women in Kimonos.
Ady says some places even offer a discount
if you're wearing one. But she may have been kidding.
Ady was so tired she just waited for us here.
Fif and Mom.
Sofia didn't have to sit and rest because her lolo carries her when she's tired.
This is a nice picture spot just by the entrance.
This is the other side of the stairs.
Water break.
Jumping Ninja time.
I told Sofia to jump here because we all have
jump shots in this place.
Jumping me.
December 2011.
Sofia also loved running around the bridges.
Running some more.
Gammy and Fif ringing the bell.
I hope the spirits don't get mad.
There's a nice view of the city from here.
Fif and her grandparents.
This picture was taken by Fif so there was no background.
Pretending to walk on the balance beam.

Our walk down was more fun because we chose the path with more shops.

Fif and the candy curtain.
Cream puff stop.
Hello Kitty - Kyoto Edition?
There were a lot of local sweets available for tasting.
Sofia liked this mochi type thing, except for the bean filling.
There was a stall that sampled out green tea cookies.
The cookies were on the sweet side,
but the also gave out really good iced coffee.
We found the cheaper version of the sushi candy.
It's half the price, it just doesn't come with chopsticks.

Fif wanted to buy the one with the rice.
But I convinced her to get the mixed sushi instead.

We also saw how the cinnamon cookies were being made. I knew they were yummy because I loved the newest Kit-Kat flavor, the Cinnamon Cookies, Kyoto Limited Edition.

It starts out looking the same as the mochi like pastries.
Then it's cooked with cinnamon until crisp.
I brought some to office and some friends said it looks like
Prawn Crackers - before they get fried.
In Kyoto, it's served with Ice Cream.
Sofia and I share a green tea and vanilla mixed cone.
She gets to eat the vanilla side.
The locals also use the cinnamon cookie as a spoon.
Sofia was eating it with every spoonful of ice cream.
I love Green Tea Ice Cream.
Note to self: I may want a Green Tea Frap from Starbucks
We stopped by the Totoro store because it's
thin Ninong's favorite.
Then we just caught the bus and headed back home.
This little girl was asleep in no time.
Thanks shoes. That was a comfy walk.
We woke up Sofia to catch the train back.
We knew better this time.

We aimed for the slow train back to Osaka so we were all able to sit. The Japanese must think we're a bit weird. just saying.

Just a note: as I was finishing up this blog post, Sofia sat beside me and asked me where this was. When I said it was in Kyoto - she immediately asked "Kyoto Hands?" Hahahaha. I know she has Tokyu Hands in mind. I love it that her top of mind place in Japan is that really cool store.

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