Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ART Jamming at ArTEAStiq Tea Lounge


My post on Da.U.De Tea Lounge has inspired me to do a post on Arteastiq, a Tea Lounge in Singapore where you can mix Social Painting with Sipping Tea.

Sofia and I signed up for it one one of the weekends where we had nothing planned after we got back from Brazil (October 2011). Arteastiq is located in Mandarin Gallery so I just called them before we left our flat and we just walked from where we lived. When I called, the person I talked to was nice enough to accommodate us because we only needed one slot, but I remember that when we arrived, they sort of had to squeeze us in because we were not in the official booking list.

We signed up for 1 session which includes a 50cm x 50cm canvass, free flowing paint, a set of brushes, and 1 Arteastiq Beverage for SG$48 (Php 1,600).

This is the Art Jamming area of Arteastiq.
I just realized, I have totally no photos of the Tea Lounge section.
Where Social Painting meets Social Sipping.
Excited to start painting with our set of brushes.
If you have no idea what to paint, they have a lot of binders
where you can  get inspiration.
Sofia wanted to do a cupcake but I wanted to do it Andy Warhol, Maling Style.
We meaning me first made a sketch.
Then Sofia started painting in the background.
She just turned four when we did this,
but her concentration was intense.
Sofia was standing on a stool,
the nanny had to hold her and the palette.
She did a lot of painting.
Even when she was very sleepy na.
Tandem painting.
You can see the tea lounge in the background.
I love the palette because it's actually a pad of paper,
so once you're done, you just throw it away.
I did all the details.
But Sofia signed the painting.
That's my order of fruit tea by the stool. I think I found it a bit bland.
Proud artist.
With our work of art.
Our version of Modern Art.
Maling x Andy Warhol x Cupcakes
They ask you to pose with their sign for their album.
With both of us.

I've always wanted to book another session, especially since they have different promotions for their art jam sessions. I think couples get 2 canvases (and drinks) for the price of one every Monday. I was tempted to drag Tim with us, but we never found the time before we moved back.

Arteastiq is at
Mandarin Gallery, #04-14/15
333 Orchard Road, Singapore 238867 
Opens: 11:00 am-10:30 pm Daily
you can visit their website for more details.

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