Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Sofia was a penguin this year. This was because we found the most adorable penguin costume (for toddler's) in SM Department Store and Ninang Ady bought it for Sofia's birthday, so penguin it is.

My little Penguin.
I planned to let Sofia use it at the Halloween event in our office and to go trick or treating at my grandmother's village to get some semblance of ROI on it.

Unfortunately, when Sofia went with me to work one day last week, we found out that there was also a Halloween event at the Day Care that afternoon and we didn't have the penguin suit with us so we were forced to improvise.
My daughter transformed from Little Red Riding Hood to She-Devil
Thanks to National Bookstore in Otis for our props.
We were so unprepared, I didn't even have a proper camera, thus the blurry photos from the iPod touch (photo credit: yaya Rechil) edited through instaframe to add an artistic touch.

There were so many cute kids running around our office last Monday.

Before the official program started, 'the kids in the know'
all flocked to where our Ice Cream is kept.
Not only the kids were in costume!
Princess Jasmine was there, hugging the penguin.
A penguin, Katy Perry and Captain America
Andie (not in picture) loves penguins.
To be contrary, Yonso is vocal that he hates them.
Here is Yonso and Sofia, the Penguin.
The penguin was pretending to do my work.
The Avengers
Yan ang Hulk!

Halloween is really a holiday that brings out the creativity in moms. Anna sewed Andie's winner Katy Perry costume. I have also done the sewing bit a few times in the last few years. 

In 2007,
Sofia was a Tootsie Roll at 3 weeks.
I hand sewn this costume by hand (with help from Ady for the letters).

In 2008,
Sofia was Belle at our office Halloween event in 2011.
Sofia was a watermelon baby at the Urdaneta Village
trick or treat.
Thanks to Auntie Stella for the costume, pumpkin and lantern.

In 2009,
We planned to be Snow White.
Then the unfortunate typhoon that caused floods until our rooftop happened, so that was scrapped.
Sofia was the cutest witch at our office event.
Thanks Ninang Vice for lending us a costume.
And it was easiest to come as a princess
with Princess Isabel for the trick or treat in Urdaneta Village.

In 2010, we were living in Singapore.
Sofia made a pumpkin hat in school and wore it with
(the top of) her Halloween peek-a-boo shirt.
Sofia was also a mermaid.
Thanks Ninang Faith for the costume.
And she hosted a masked ball for her toys,
wearing the bottom of her peek-a-boo Halloween shirt.

In 2011, 
Sofia went as Smurfette to her school Halloween party.
I sewed her Smurfette hat from scratch.

Back in the present, my favorite treats were the yummy Halloween cupcakes made by the sister of one of our colleagues.
Everything was 100% edible. It not only looked great,
It tasted so good too with a moist chocolate cupcake base.
Trick or Treat!

Hope you all had a Halloween as fun as ours!

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