Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bonding over Gucci (and Hermes) Cut & Crafts

Sofia has not been feeling well the past few days. She's been absent from school since Thursday so she could rest and recharge, so naturally, staying home to rest has been driving her, an energetic five year-old, up the wall!

It's very timely that the week before, I found a really cool project on the Her World Singapore facebook page. GUCCI has a global Cut & Craft campaign that they localized in Singapore with a contest and an offer to donate SG$100 to Mainly I Love Kids(MILK) for every bag created and uploaded on their facebook page

I think the reception was better than they expected because when we were finally ready to upload the bags we made there was already a notice on facebook that said:
The donation drive in support of Mainly I Love Kids (MILK) is now over but you can still do your part by creating your very own version of The New Bamboo, Jackie and Stirrup bags. Plus, earn the chance to have Gucci creative director Frida Giannini view your creations. She’ll review submissions and then handpick the top two designs. The winners will receive their very own Gucci Icon bag.

Sofia's Gucci Cut & Craft Creations

We had a lot of fun putting the bags together.
Sofia was lead designer for coloring.
Then we'd do quality control together,
filling in the white spaces. Hahaha.
Sofia was the cutter for big bag pieces.
I was the cutter for the smaller parts.
We recruited Ninang Ady to join the team,
for her OC coloring skills.

These were our renditions of the classic Gucci Bags:
Our version of The Stirrup.
The Jackie.
The New Bamboo.

Sofia wanted to sell them to our helpers at home, but I told her she could only sell them for pretend money. 
She found a shopping cart to house her designer bags.
Gucci now has a roving boutique.
Sofia's first customer was her gammy,
but Gammy told Sofia to get her Lolo to pay for it.
Lolo was working and didn't want to be bothered
so he brought out his bills wallet!
I had to tell him we were only selling bags for pretend money because he was going to set a precedent  for all the other customers!
Lolo settled on paying Sofia his biggest coin.
She was so happy she got paid Php10 for her bag creation.
Since I told her to charge our helpers with only pretend money, she asked me nicely if she could sell me a bag for real money. Tsk, tsk, Lolo is creating a monster!
I came up with the brilliant idea of asking
Sofia to buy me a bag with real money.
She was so happy when she realized she could buy a bag for me with her own real money and the money would go back to her! Hahaha.
She paid Php100 for the new bamboo bag I got! :)
Ninang Ady's coloring is the croc equivalent!
It even fits one mobile phone.
As long as you don't attempt to carry it with the phone inside.

Thank you very much for buying me a Gucci bag from your creations Fi! It's my favorite Gucci bag! just saying.

You can download the Gucci Cut & Craft designs from here.

This activity reminded me of the Hermes Kelly bags that you could also download and create from the Hermes website before. I tried looking for it but I wasn't able to find it on their site anymore, but luckily, I found it in my old files.  

You can decorate your own Kelly,
or print a Kelly that has already been decorated.

You can download the Hermes Kelly designs by clicking on the links below. All of these are property of Hermes and were downloaded from the Hermes website.

Kelly Papier (decorate your own Kelly)

Enjoy and Happy Crafting everyone!

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