Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby T's swimming party

Thomas Sandejas-Wolbert, the handsome son of Ana and Dan, celebrated his second birthday with a swimming party at their home in Alabang last Saturday. We were really looking forward to going because we haven't seen this handsome little boy enough since they used to be based in the US until recently.

Happy Birthday Baby T!
Alabang is quite far from where we live. We even joke that going there is like going to the province out of town, so Sofia and I carpooled with Karl and Mia so the kids were already having fun before we got there. Jay and Jillie were supposed to join us but they couldn't make it. That would have really been a zoo.

Karl's thought bubble:
So this is what it's like to have two kids.
Sofia was sitting on Mia who was also practicing
to be a big sister.
The two girls sitting on one leg each of Karl.
Super many points go to Karl because he even took his daughter to get her nails done before the party!
Mia's pedicure!

When we got to the party, the kids just gave Tita Ana a quick hello, and immediately got ready for the pool.

They look like Charlie's Angels here,
but I don't think they know them. Hahaha.
Andie!!! Your friends are missing you.
With goggles this time.
Sofia barely made it in because she said the water was too cold.

Thomas was just too cute.
Every time I saw him,
he had a Reese's peanut butter cup cookie.
It was so yummm... especially if you love Reese's.
Peanut butter cup in the middle, chewy cookie around it.
After some snacks, the girls went to get some ice cream.
Super Mommy Ana baked all the sweets. Yummy!
Including Thomas' Death by Chocolate Cake
which was sinfully good.
Happy Birthday Thomas :)
He looks so intense.

The girls also enjoyed the playing around the garden.

They were showing me that the two of them
can fit in the swing.
Mia has blue teeth!!! 
Sugar Rush!!!
The girls with Tita Els.
then with Tita Ana and Thomas.
MT Reunion! but this time we all have kids.
Els, you forgot to bring Stevie!
The kids were chatting with Tita Ana... then the next thing you know,
we lost them! (the yayas were loading the car)
We found them inside the house where they found other kids to play with.

The ride home was a bit painful for a sleepy mom... more points to Karl because he was so patient with the kids. All that sugar induced really made them bounce of the walls of the car... all the way to Manila! Candice, during this part, my thought bubble was it was a good thing you decided to rest... 

Though in this picture, it looks like Karl  had the most sugar!
Thanks for inviting us Ana and Dan! Really glad Thomas had fun because the girls did too.
Thanks for the ride Karl and Mia :) Sayang, Jay and Jillie didn't join us. just saying.

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