Friday, November 16, 2012

Convenience Store Raid Osaka

When travelling to another country, I love going to convenience stores to try things that we don't normally see. In Japan, there's a convenience store on almost every street corner, so I was in heaven. On our walk home, we probably pass at least 4-5 convenience stores, so we even alternate the ones we go to.

The bigger chains are 7-11 and Family Mart, but Lawson 100 is my favorite because it's Daiso's counterpart in the convenience store channel. Everything sold at Lawson 100 is JPY105 (around Php55).

Here were our favorite convenience store snacks:

We were very excited to try the Calbee x Royce collaboration.
I think this was around JPY155 (around Php80). 
The verdict: It's ok for your first try, but fails miserably vs. expectation
if you've had Royce Chocolate Covered Potato Chips.
So, we didn't hoard. Hahaha.

Family Mart has a whole assortment of Store co-branded snacks at the JPY105 price point. My sister could not leave without trying stuff so here was what we chose and our review.

We tried the rice crackers.
It was good, but nothing extraordinary.
We also tried the Chocolate Pandas.
When Ady opened the bag, we probably each ate 2 pieces each, then when we looked, the bag was already empty! It had gotten the Sofia stamp of approval!
We went back many times to get our panda fix.
There is a chocolate side.
and a cracker side.
The cool thing is that they have so many facial expressions.

7-11 was our source of breakfast food and midnight snacks because it was the closest one to our flat. We normally got raisin bread, white bread or monroe (croissant like bread in sliced loaf form) bread (not in picture).
We ate it with butter and thick cold cuts from 7-11.
I also like buying their ready to drink Starbucks,
it's more convenient than walking far and waiting for a table.
Sofia was sharing gammy's hot dog on a stick snack.
and my coffee.

The convenience store top food picks of my parents are:

My mom likes Calbee's Prawn Crackers.
I imagine it's like a posh version of Oishi. Hahaha.
And she bought my dad some wasabi snack that we
has happy to munch on. It might be dried fish.

There were my favorite buys from Lawson 100. I think they have a lot of light dessert options.

A pack of 6 cream puffs.
Pretty good, given that it's not freshly made.
We also liked the creme caramel.
A pack of 3 is also JPY105.
It's cheaper at Lawson 100 than 7-11 and Family Mart because I checked.
The little girl with the sweet tooth.
 I also wanted to try the coffee jelly version so we bought it as our midnight snack on our last day there.
They also come in 3's. It's from the same maker, Megamilk.
Step 1: Open the Coffee Jelly
Step 2: Pour in the sweetened cream
Step 3: Eat and enjoy
 My favorite snack is called Genji-Pie. It's the Japanese version of the French pastry called Palmiers.
Think buttery, flaky, yummy sinful snack.
My sister is teasing my I just like posh otap. Hahaha.

I bet if we just stayed there longer, we would have found many more things to rave about. That's all folks. I love Japan. just saying.

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