Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Galileo Enoteca Deli

My siblings have been raving about Galileo Enoteca Deli because they now have a branch at Eastwood, but they try to eat here whenever I am not with them because they now how I try to stay away from carbs. Hahaha.

Galileo is on the second floor of Dulcinea.
You can arrive hungry, because they will serve you chewy bread and dips.
We decided to try it for New Year's Day
so I wore red for good luck.
Sofia with Lola Yaya.
The place was very quiet we were the only customers.
Me and Ads, Photo Credit: Sofia

We busied ourselves taking pictures and eating the bread, because we were waiting for Timmy to arrive before we ordered.
We ordered Italian Sausage with Peppers.
This was really good with the chewy bread.
The small morsel packs in a lot of flavor!
Fried Calamari is always a hit with Sofia and Timmy,
but in fairness, this was good Calamari.
Sofia was rationing the Calamari for her Ninong.
We ordered the four cheese pizza.

It was good when it came out of the oven,
but not really worth the calories when it starts to cool.
I think we also ordered the Tutta Carne (All Meat).
Timmy and Ady's favorite is the Risotto con Porcini Mushroom and Truffle Oil,
but I find that this dish just smells so much better than its taste.
Over-all it was a good meal, just a bit lacking on meat,
but easily addressed by grabbing a box of 10 Chicken Nuggets,
for us to snack on from McDonald's.

We didn't order any main course meat items because we heard reviews that they don't do it as well as the Pizza and Risotto, so we just didn't risk it. just saying.

Galileo Enoteca Deli
Eastwood Branch
Ground Floor, City Walk 1, 
Cyberpark, Eastwood City, 
Bagumbayan Quezon City (Beside Dulcinea)
Open from Monday to Sunday 11-11pm
with branches in Mandaluyong and Boracay

We visited Galileo again for my sister's birthday last week. The quality seems to be inconsistent as the Tutta Carne Pizza came with onions this time, the calamari wasn't exceptionally good (it was fried with Japanese breadcrumbs instead) and we ordered Main Dishes (two of the chicken ones) and it wasn't something I'd ever order again. Bottomline, I can't wait to go to Italy and eat real Italian food. just saying

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