Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gone Crazy Cookie Stamping + Best Chocolate Cupcakes Ever

Today we went crazy personalizing our cookies and making cupcakes because I was dying to redeem myself after I made those horrible Chocolate Puto pretending to be cupcakes the last time :)

It started because Sofia was hanging out at the office the other day and my friend asked her to make more of the cookies I brought to work after Sofia's last Teddy Bear Tea (birthday) Party. Then we remembered we bought cookie stampers from Japan that we've never used, so that Making Cookies went on our to do list for this weekend.

We made this! Isn't it so kawaii?! Hahaha.
*Kawaii is the Japanese term for all things cute

Since we had to go to the grocery anyway to complete our ingredients, I convinced Sofia that we wanted to make Chocolate Cupcakes as well. I told Sofia, we could make it in the form of Butterfly Cupcake Puzzle which she has been dying to do. I really wanted to remove all traces of our Last Cupcake Flop Project from my mind and it was a matter of pride as well because I wanted to redeem myself. I even bought a bag of flour because I wasn't sure if my cupcakes didn't work because Yaya said our flour at home was sticky. This time, I also made sure I looked for an old fashioned cupcake recipe, one that uses butter and eggs. Sorry, but using mayo or vinegar doesn't really work for me.

This is the cookie stampers we bought in Japan.
The English alphabet of course,
though Japanese Characters were also available. 
It has a case because there are many small parts (letters)
once you start using it.
You'd think she can read Japanese.
But then, the pictures are pretty self-explanatory.
We brought out our cookie cutter collection.
Sofia was just picking out the ones she wanted to use.
Sofia takes baking very seriously. She loves baking.
I let her do the measuring.
and the mixing. 
Our favorite part is the tasting.
This cookie batter is yummy!!!
The dough needs to cool in the fridge so it's easier to handle.

So, we moved on to our Butterfly Chocolate Cupcake Puzzle next.
Thanks for this Ninong Jacob and Auntie Stell.
Sofia mixed the batter.
And she liked this even more than the cookie batter.
Little chocoholic.
After yaya washed the cupcake molds we put
it together in Butterfly form.
These molds are cool. They even have the 2/3s mark for the batter.
I used the regular round liners to line them for easier handling
once they're baked.
While the cupcakes were baking, I made Chocolate Icing because Sofia already lost interest. I made the rich shiny kind, not the fluffy airy buttercream kind.
It was the best chocolate Icing I ever made. It was so good.
It tasted like liquid chocolate. Hahaha.
Yay, I was happy to see that the cupcakes came out of the oven
looking the way they're supposed to look.
Because I used liners, I was able to remove them from the molds
and piece them back together again.
My daughter couldn't wait to eat them so I frosted one,
and we started eating it.
The stamp of approval came when
she asked for a second one.

While waiting for the cupcakes to cool, we were finally able to roll out, cut and stamp our cookies. This was really a long wait for Sofia who kept on asking us every 5 minutes if we could start working on the cookies already.
Mejo kakahilo lang because you need to remember
to spell your name or message in reverse.
It's stamping time!
The first one we made.
Sofia made quite a lot for the people she plays with in the office.
They look really cool, but it's a bit tiring if you want to customize each and every cookie. Hahaha.
So when we got tired, we just stamped all of the cookies
(Princess Crown) Sofia.

While our cookies were baking, I frosted our butterfly cake. 
OK, you can call it a moth cake. But at least it's really yummy!
Mission accomplished. Chocolate Puto Cupcakes redeemed!

Our cookies came out looking so nice. (Yummy is a given)
Sofia's personalized cookies.
They're perfect for Tea Time! 
... or anytime. just saying.

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