Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sofia's Rice Crispy Treats Project

We learned to make Rice Crispy Treats the other day because we had so much Marshmallows from the Balikbayan Box Auntie Celita sent.

When Sofia was asked to choose what she wanted
from the box, guess what she got?

Since I don't really like seeing things go to waste and I personally have my doubts that my daughter can eat all the marshmallows she got, I asked her if she wanted to make Rice Crispy Treats and of course her answer was yes!

The hardest part of this recipe is actually looking for the Rice Krispies. I think Kellogg's has a supply problem because I checked in two supermarkets and they both had no stock. I was only able to find it in Shopwise Libis and there were only a few boxes left. 

You just need a small box of Rice Krispies (130g box),
1/4 cup butter, and 1 pack of 10oz marshmallows
Because we had a lot of flavored marshmallows, we experimented with doing half a recipe of Pumpkin Spice and half a recipe of French Vanilla.
Pumpkin Shaped Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows
Snowman Shaped French Vanilla Marshmallows
Sofia liked the French Vanilla mallows so much,
she said "Wow, it tastes like Chocolate!"
So she wanted a picture holding them
And of course, the Rice Krispies!

Sofia was very excited because it's the first time I let her help cook something on the stove. This made her feel really grown up.
She kept on telling me just to tell her what to do,
so she can do it by herself next time. Hahaha.
She needs to stand on a chair to cook.

Melt the butter in a pan using really low heat.
Then add in the marshmallows.
Continue stirring...
until everything is melted.
Then add in the Rice Krispies.
Mix until everything is coated.
Then quickly pore everything into a greased (or lined) 9"x13" pan.
Use greased spoons or press down on it using wax paper to spread it
as evenly as possible.
Sofia and I working as fast as we can.

We made our Pumpkin Spice batch while we were waiting for the first batch to cool.

We just followed the same procedure, this time using the Pumpkin Spice
The melting process.
This time around, I think we didn't realize our heat was so low,
it got shut off. So the mallow mixture became sticky and stringy.
We had to act even faster so we just used the press down with your hands using the wax paper method.
We used two 8"x8" pans so our bars came out thinner than normal.
I think we also mixed the orange one better.
Our Rice Crispy Treats look and smell good.
You really need to grease your pan well or line it so you won't have
a hard time in cutting and serving the bars.
Sofia kept on eating from the corner because she wanted to use cookie
cutters to shape them, but she couldn't wait to eat them too.
I guess this counts as some other form of Marshmallow test.
Care for a Star?
The good thing with shaping them is you get to eat all the sides.
We also attempted to make teddy bears.
But they looked kind of weird, so I decided it wasn't worth the effort.
Surprisingly, it's not hard to cut them if you cut in straight lines.
For easier handling, we used cupcake liners.
Can you spot which one is different?
Snacks all packed-up for work and school.
You can see how happy this little girl is.

I think this project was definitely a success. We are now searching for more Rice Krispies (haven't found myself in the vicinity of Shopwise Libis again), so we can try out the recipe on our Peppermint Marshmallows next time. just saying.

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