Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vice and Wine's Baby Shower

We're waiting for more babies to join 765degrees (Friends from High School) family. Yay!
Yesterday we had a baby shower for Vice and Wine at Zaifu in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell.

Our baby shower desserts made by Sofia
Cupcake Toppers made by Tiana and Chipsy
We had cupcakes 
Rice Crispy Treats
Cake Balls
The Arts and Crafts Girls
Candy and Julman were the early birds
Early birds with Mommy Vice
Congrats Sylings!
Viele is excited to be an achi na.

Tian's was such a wonderful host. She ordered yummy starters for the starving early birds while we were waiting for the rest to arrive. Note: servings are bigger than what's pictured because I only remembered to bring out my camera after I started eating. Hahaha.

California Maki
Salmon Sashimi
Dynamite Roll (i think) which has prawn tempura and unagi
Fried Gyoza
The pleats look so nice.
The late comers on our side of the table.
WTF: Why The Face?!?
Because all everyone talked about was Candy Crush!
Late comers on the other side of the table
Candy Crush Talk worked. We got new players.
Frank can now give us lives.
My kaladkarin partner and I attempted to eat healthier 
I mistakenly ordered steamed Gyoza, but I meant Pan-Fried
They Pan Fried my half because Chipsy ate hers steamed.
We ordered Tofu Special
This is my favorite dish in Zaifu/Isshin
Then we also ordered Yasaiitame (cabbage and bean sprouts)

Wine and Jojo arrived as we were eating.
Congrats Wine and Jojo!
Jean voluntered to serve us the Buko Pandan Salad
the Syling's brought.

After everyone finished eating, we just had gift giving to the mommies and achi.
Mommies and Achi Viele with the gifts
Candy and Julman with the celebrants.
Where is Viele?
She's here pala!!! 
Cha and Man gave the cutest shirt
with matching sandals.
Vice was so happy Cha and Man didn't give them
something pink. Hahaha.
Jem and Ivan gave their gift to the Sylings.
They gave Wine and Jojo cute preppy shoes.
Kim and Frank gave the Sylings their gift.
Then Kim and Vice gave their gift to Wine.
Then Wine and Jojo gave their gift to the Sylings.
All the single ladies just posed with the cupcakes because the gift
we ordered wasn't delivered on time. Boooo.
Congrats again Sylings and Leonardos! Wishing you a safe delivery.

The last time we had a baby shower was for Man-Cha and Frank-Kim. You can read about it here. They have since given birth to cute little girls.

Hello Baby Ashi!
Photo grabbed from Guamie Cathy
Hello Baby Kirsten!
Photo grabbed from Kim

Back to last night's baby shower, after the expectant mommies went home to sleep, the rest of the group moved to UCC to continue making kwento and to eat some more.

Tiana ordered Ube Cake
and French Toast to share.
Frank ordered this posh-looking
Even if I already had coffee, I really wanted to try
the Kori Kohi Chips ordered before.
We ordered 1 to share.
Frozen Coffee Cubes with Heated Milk is really good. 
Chipsy ordered coffee when I did, because I might overtake her
in Candy Crush if I stayed up because of the coffee.
Competitive Much!!!
Thanks for treating us to Coffee and Dessert (Round 2) Auntie Terry!

ZAIFU (Part of the Isshin Group)
G/F Power Plant Mall,
Estrella St. cor Rockwell Drive
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 898-1331

Isshin Japanese Restaurant
Pasay Rd.
1024 Arnaiz Ave.
San Lorenzo, Makati
(02) 844-1512

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