Monday, March 11, 2013

The New Mister Donut Cafe now has Pon De Ring (Chewy) Donuts in the Philippines

When I heard from my sister's friend that Mister Donut recently opened their first Mister Donut Cafe in the Philippines serving the chewisty donuts I loved eating in Korea and Taipei (in their old Greenhills location), I convinced my siblings to eat lunch in the Greenhills area so we could try it.

Glazed Donut with Brewed Coffee

But first, let me get my facts straight. Chewisty is what I call this donut because I remember them being called that from Korea. But ooops! That was what Dunkin' Donuts calls them. Hahaha. Mister Donut calls their version the Pon De Ring Donut. It was invented 10 years ago in Japan.

Mister Donut Cafe from the outside
They opened last Saturday for their Soft Opening,
and they will officially be open on the 15th of March.

We came here for the Chewisties Pon De Rings!
I was a bit disappointed because they didn't look as appetizing as the donuts in Taipei and Korea - but I'm sure sure if that's due to the soft opening bit. This observation is just based on what I've seen in Korea and in Taipei.

They definitely had interesting flavors.
The Sugar Donut Version
The Chocolate ones didn't look good,
but we forced ourselves to choose one - just to try.
Sofia and Yaya stuck to the old favorites.

Sofia wanted a Choco Wafer Twister
And Yaya wanted a Classic Bavarian Donut
Ady and I ordered all of this out of curiosity.
Sofia was very happy because she loves donuts!
This one was our hands down favorite. A bit of the sweet side,
but much softer yet still chewy vs what I've tried abroad.
The Sans Rival one was a lot of the sweet side.
It went really well with the brewed coffee.
I think the Brewed Coffee was only Php35. Such a Steal!
We ordered the All Chocolate Pon De Ring but we didn't get to try it.
Sofia called dibs on it to bring to school the next day.
Sofia enjoyed and finished her Choco Twister.
This is how the Cafe looks. I honestly feel it lacks Cafe ambiance.
It still feels like a cheap Donut Shop to me. Krispee Kreme looks better.
This is the counter.
Interestingly, I think you can order burgers with bacon + egg in donuts!
Pon De Rings are Php39 each, but glazed ones are only Php29.
The Mister Donut Cafe is open 24 hours and it's still at its old location in Greenhills beside KFC.

View if you're heading towards Unimart.
If you walk the other way, across Connecticut Arcade.
you'll see their take-out counter and viewing glass.
You can watch them make the Pon De Ring donuts.
Oooops. I didn't know they are deep fried.
I am pretending I did not see this. Hahaha.

Though their ambiance isn't the best, I can't wait to come back when they are officially open so I can try their stackable donuts burgers. I hope it also comes in Pon De Rings. Hahaha. just saying.

Mister Donut Cafe
Ground Floor, Greenlanes Arcade
Greenhills Shopping Center

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