Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paris with no plan (but to eat)

I didn't realize that planning for a trip to Paris with nothing on the agenda - requires as much planning as when you're only staying for the weekend with an overflowing list of things you want to do.

Since our plan was just to go to Paris to drink coffee and eat, I couldn't go and leave the places we're going to eat in to chance. Even where we are staying, was strategically chosen so we could just walk to our next meal.

I didn't realize how well I planned it until I listed down all the places I wanted to try to eat in and when I looked for directions online, the farthest place I wanted to eat in was only 20mins walking! For some places, taking public transport will even take a few minutes more than if you just go by foot. It really excites me that not only am I planning to eat well, I am also planning to burn the calories (or at least some) by walking to it too.

Here's what I've been dreaming of eating in Paris:

1. Breizh Cafe in the Marais- I've heard they're one of the best places for crepes in Paris
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2. Eric Kayser known for making the best Artisan Baguettes in Paris. He has two shops on Rue Monge, 2 minutes away by foot from our flat.
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3. Benoit by Alain Ducasse. This was our Michelin Star pick for this trip chosen because they have a reasonably priced lunch set menu.
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4. L'entrecote - a place known to serve nothing but Steak Frites, where no reservations are accepted and yet people still line up to eat.
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5. Pierre Herme macarons (or even better - I want to do a taste test comparison to decide if Pierre's macarons are better than La Duree)
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Not only does Pierre Herme have a book, he also has a miniature collection! love love love. I can't wait to see them in Hong Kong or Japan because I am sure they will be screaming "buy me! buy me!".
I want!!! Goodies with zero calories.
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6. I also want to spend time doing nothing in the iconic cafes of Paris (most probably extremely overpriced - but these are the cafes you see in the movies shot in Paris! hahaha)

Cafe de Flore has a movie named after it but only know about it because of Google.
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Ernest Hemingway and his writer friends used to hang our at Les Deux Magots.
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This list only includes places I have not visited since I've temporarily stopped living in Paris. Of course we will be going to our usual favorites like Leon's.

I can't wait to eat and eat and eat and do nothing. just saying.

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