Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sofia's Moving Up Day

Sofia has been so excited for moving up day. We've been preparing for it for several weeks now as she has been assigned to lead the closing prayer. Since for kids her age, there is no other way to deliver something except by memorizing it (it will take longer if they read it per letter sound), we both had to work hard to make sure she remembered all the lines and could deliver it clearly.

Sofia's class also has a dance number where they dance to "From Zero to Hero" from Hercules. Last year, when they had their Christmas Program the costume supplier wasn't able to deliver, so the kids just wore their own clothes. Some of the kids from other classes had costumes but they were quite on the hideous side. It was such a pleasant surprise for us to get the costumes for the moving up program a few days in advance, and Sofia's was so nice. I think it was comfortable too because she kept wearing it for us at home when she practiced her dance moves.

I love Sofia's dress so much, I plan to let her wear it for formal night
on our Alaska Cruise.

The Moving Up Program was held at the Events Pavillion on 500 Shaw. We arrived a few minutes early but there were already a lot of people when we got there.

The theme for the program is The Magic of Disney.
The Programme. Check out Sofia's name.

Here are some pictures from backstage:
Teacher Tina with the girls who arrived early.
Showing off their costumes.

From the Hercules number:

During the Moving Up Ceremony, each one was called up on stage, then they hugged their teacher and took a bow.
Sofia hugging Teacher Tina.
Sofia bowing so fast I was barely able to capture it.

Afterwards, there was a finale where all the students sang "A whole new world". Sofia and Viele were right in the center.

Then to wrap up the program, Sofia led the Closing Prayer after another student delivered the closing remarks. I was so proud because she remembered everything by herself and delivered the words clearly.

You can watch most of the prayer here. we started recording late... ooops! 

The kids were so excited. They took a lot of pictures with their teachers and friends.
Best Friends. Viele and Sofia.
With Teacher Kat.
Viele, Chloe and Sofia.
With Teacher Tina,
With LaoShr Traci.
Sofia and Chloe with Kailyn.
Sofia and Viele with Me, Vice and Tim.

We also took a lot of pictures with family who came to watch.
I admit, I am a stage mom. I dressed to match Sofia.
Thanks for the videos Ninang Ri.
Thanks for watching Auntie Alay and Lukey.
Sofia with Lola Yaya who helped her practice everyday.
Thanks for coming everyone!!!

After the program, Sofia chose where she wanted to have lunch.
We ate at Terriyaki Boy because she loves Tempura.
We ordered the usual:
Papa and Yaya Naling had Terriyaki Boy Chicken Rice.
Ma had Tofu Steak.
Ady and I shared the Spicy Tuna Salad.
Rechil has the Katsudon.
Ady and I also shared the Wafu Steak but it took forever to arrive.
It was a good meal but the service sucked. (Galleria Branch)
Ninang Jem only arrived after we finished eating :(
Thanks for the flowers Ninang Jem :)

Sofia is so excited, she thinks she's moving up to big school and waking up much earlier next week already. Hahaha. The best part of the year is summer vacation, anak. just saying.

Thanks to Lola Yaya for Sofia's hair and
Thanks to TRESemme for my hair.
Use TRESemme for Salon Gorgeous Hair Everyday!

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